When Do French Bulldogs Heads Get Bigger?(Things You Need To Know)

French Bulldogs: The Great Big Head Debate

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in America. They have a lot of personality and are easy to care for. Which is why they make great pets for families with children and people who live in small apartments. 

When Do French Bulldogs Heads Get Bigger

A common question that French bulldog owners ask is “When do French bulldog heads get bigger?” The answer may not be what you expect! 

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When Do French Bulldogs Heads Get Bigger?

When a French Bulldog reaches one year old, their head continues to grow but the skull remains unchanged. The added muscular changes and fat build-up in this age group. Therefore, it seems that their heads are still growing at 12 months of age or older.

Things That Cause The Growth Of A French Bulldog

French bulldog puppies are small to medium size because of their genetics. But is it a guaranteed fact that they will remain tiny? 

It all depends on what the parents eat and how big or little you want your Frenchie to be.

Little amazed?

For Frenchie puppies, overfeeding is not a good idea. In fact, it can lead to diabetes and other medical conditions. However, that is detrimental to the dog’s health in later years.

Will the Head Keep Growing?

What you’re not going to see happen, is the head of your French Bulldog continuing to grow. 

french bulldog head growth

After a year it will have stopped growing and that means no more big heads.

Instead what you will see happening after one year are increases in muscle tone and fat deposits. That can make them look plumper rather than bigger.

Should You Worry About This Thing?

Is your Frenchie the size of a breadbox? Do you love playing with his ears and overall feel at home in that big headspace until he falls asleep on top of you, like something out of Where The Wild Things Are? If so, then I have got good news for those who can not get enough Frenchies.

Nature does not always have it’s way though we may not realize this sometimes when looking at our little dogs as they grow into their oversized heads. 

Nevertheless, it is possible to challenge nature by choosing certain breeds. But nothing beats coming home from work or school everyday to find yourself surrounded by all that fur. 

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Cracking Of Their Head

The next time you look at a bulldog and see their wrinkles, take note that it might seem like they have cracks in the head. 

However, those deep lines are only seen on the skin of their face. There is no actual crack you can find. 

Every dog owner has been through this

Bulldogs are known for their wrinkles and most people think that the dog is just aging. 

In reality, as they mature, bulldogs develop deep cracks in their faces which give them a “wrinkled” appearance. 

The skull plays an important role. Hence, it can help to create those splits or lines on the face of these beautiful creatures.

Swimming With Small Head

The French Bulldog is one type of dog that struggles with a condition called brachycephaly. 

This means the snout on these dogs has been shortened. So it is harder for them to breathe even under normal circumstances. 

The small-nosed Pug and Dachshund are also at risk because they can not swim or regulate their body temperature in water either.

Basic Size & Weight

Contrary to popular belief, French Bulldogs are not a small dog breed. They can weigh as much as 28 pounds and grow up to 13 inches tall. 

These adorable dogs may come in different shapes and sizes. However,  they all have an irresistible personality that anyone would love.

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Note: You may be planning to get a Frenchie if you are reading this, and we will do our best not to dissuade you from that decision.

But do not  forget the first few weeks of your pup’s life are spent with its mother dog.

If it is going at 12-weeks old or younger they will have received all the nourishment. The nourishment  they needed during those early days.

The first few weeks after being born, puppies spend time learning how to live as domesticated animals. Thanks to their mother who provides them food and shelter for these important developmental periods. 

There is no one better than mommy dogs because she knows what her babies need at every stage. So make sure when looking for a new puppy friend, look out for mothers too.


If your french bulldog’s head is getting bigger but they are not experiencing any other symptoms, then you might have a serious health issue. 

The good news is that there are many things that can be done to help reduce the size of their head or even reverse it.

Check out our article on how to tell if your dog’s head has been growing for more information and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is my frenchie’s head small?

Breeders can not control genetics, but they do have a say in the size of their dog’s diet. Frenchie puppies grow to be small-to-medium dogs. Because both parent breeds are on that end of the spectrum and typically live an average lifespan.

Q2: What is the reason behind shaking Frenchie’s head?

Bulldogs are known to shake their heads a lot and many times this is because of idiopathic causes. 

However, there can be other reasons for the head tremor such as cerebellum damage or ingestion of toxins. If your Bulldog has frequent tremors then visit the vet soon.

Q3: Why sometimes french bulldogs breathe fast?

Frenchies are known to breathe fast, and sometimes this is a simple case of them overheating. Panting is the canine equivalent for sweating. It is how they cool down their bodies in hot weather.

Q4: Why do french bulldogs lick a lot?

My dog licks my arm all the time, and I think it’s because he likes how salty his skin tastes. Dogs lick each other for a sign of affection or out of boredom or habit. Sometimes,  licking can be calming too. Like when you receive a relaxing massage.

Q5: Which temperature is considered much hot for a french bulldog?

How to keep your French Bulldog from overheating this summer? It is recommended that you keep your Frenchie inside when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees. To prevent overheating, always provide lots of cool water for them.

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