Can French Bulldog Swim?How To Choose A Frenchie’s life Jacket

A French Bulldog loves water; however, not all dogs are great swimmers. Well-trained bulldogs can bathe well and even in the shallowest part of the pool they will still stand on the bottom. Even so, real swimming, in which the dog does not touch the underside with its legs, is not allocated for all Frenchie’s.

Can French Bulldog’s Swim?

Can you understand why someone might think that Frenchie’s can swim? Water provides a natural way to cool down, especially in the summer, and it works great in the summer. While it may be challenging to let your Frenchie swim in the pool, the dog should never actually be allowed into the water.

Can French Bulldogs Swim
Can French Bulldogs Swim

Why French Bulldogs  Can’t Swim?

Because of their short legs, small bodies, and absence of snouts, these dogs cannot function in water. Most sinks will fill up when unprotected. Even a minor swimmer, will be unable to sustain the activity for long. Unlike many other dog breeds such as Labrador retrievers, French bulldogs seem unable to swim to the surface when they start submerging themselves.

Do French Bulldogs Love Water?

The answer is yes; they love the water. Even if French bulldogs are unable to swim on their own, they’ll be extremely eager to enter the pool if provided the chance.

That’s why it is very important to teach these dogs not to go swimming in larger-than-human pools at an early age. You can quench your Frenchie’s thirst for water at a seaside, a children’s pool, or an aquatic center.

Do French Bulldogs float?

The plain truth is NO. French bulldogs cannot float due to their physical characteristics and physiology. Due to their lean physique combined with their slower metabolism, it is physically difficult for them to swim.

Is Frenchie still able to enjoy water?

With the aid of a life jacket, they can still enjoy the water and enjoy themselves despite being prevented from exercising.

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French Bulldog life jacket

If you’d like to let your French bulldog play in the pool with the family, go for it! There are life jackets for dogs that are sized specifically for your pet, and therefore provide enough buoyancy to keep the dog’s head above the water.

If you want to buy a life jacket for a French Bulldog, make sure it fits snugly to avoid its loss or lack of buoyancy. The life jackets serve the same purpose as inflatable flotation sleeves for young children. The additional flotation can help them stay above the water, but also have a close watch on them at all times is important.

In addition to their life jackets, French bulldogs still have their noses barely above the waterline due to their narrow snouts. It is important to always supervise your French dog while in the water, and not enter the water if the water is moving. With its natural waves and tides, the ocean is not an appropriate habitat for a French Bulldog.

It would also be best if you were firm in ensuring that your Frenchie wears a life jacket while swimming in the water. It is imperative. Bulldog lifesaver preserver reflective boating is the best jacket for French bulldogs. Some of their unique features include:

Adult French bulldog

It possesses a chest circumference of 17″-30″ and a weight of approximately 17-28lbs. This dog jacket is designed for French bulldogs in particular.

Secure neck float

Its unique design, which allows for front float, promotes a more comfortable leash. It will help dogs face to incline to a steeper angle to get better access to the water.

Superior buoyancy, strength, and security

The vest is made of a material that is buoyant and strong. It offers sufficient buoyancy when your dog swims lightly and comfortably.


The color of a life jacket is also an important consideration. You want to see your dog in the best possible way and make sure other people notice him. Therefore, you can choose a life jacket that is available in a bright color.

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How To Choose The Best Life Jacket?

  • The dog’s best life jacket will depend on the weight, length, and how much the dog size.
  • If a life jacket isn’t fitted properly, both the dog and the user will be frustrated by the product.
  • If it is large, it may slide off the dog. Even if it is slightly too loose, it could mean that your French bulldog isn’t swimming.
  • A life jacket needs to be of the proper size and fit, as well as comfortable.

Final Thought

French bulldogs cannot swim. They should never be left unsupervised near the water. But your little dog can still enjoy pool days with the family if a life jacket is worn, and some training is done. They will also have a small pool, where they can go and splash around safely.


Q.1: Which dog breeds can’t swim?

French bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxer dogs are some of the most popular dogs among many breeds and dogs who can’t swim due to their anatomy and facial structure. Additionally, dogs with ideal anatomies may have difficulty swimming due to their fur coats’ cumbersome nature.

Q.2: What conditions do dogs need to go underwater?

Even though water can harbor dangerous bacteria, algae, and chemicals, a dog that consumes a relatively small amount of water will probably be safe.

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