Can French Bulldog Eat Rice? Which One(Brown Rice Or White Rice)?

Can French Bulldog Eat Rice

If you are a french bulldog owner, you might be wondering what is the best food to feed your pup. 

You want them to have a healthy diet and thrive, but this can be difficult when there is so much conflicting advice out there about what our little pups should eat. 

One thing that all experts agree on! While frenchies need protein in their diets about 26%, they also need carbohydrates about 55. If you are looking for some creative ways to sneak rice into your dog’s diet, read on!

Can French Bulldog Eat Rice?

French Bulldogs are not picky eaters and can enjoy a bowl of plain, cooked white rice. Never feed them seasoned or uncooked grains as they may lead to stomach upset.

Dogs want the same thing that humans do, a healthy, hearty meal. And rice is an easy and safe option for dogs.

Rice has long been known as one of the healthier grains out there. It is light on calories but heavy in essential nutrients like iron, protein, thiamin (vitamin B1), magnesium, potassium.

All important vitamins and minerals to keep your pup happy and strong. When our furry friends have tummy troubles like diarrhea or vomiting though.

They need something gentle to eat so their stomach doesn’t get upset again from too much richer food. 

Rice can be just what you are looking for because unlike most other starches it contains no gluten  which are found in wheat products, causing digestive problems.

Why Should You Feed Your Frenchie Rice?

The following are the reasons you should feed your French Bulldog rice;

  • Recover From Stomach Issue

Feeding your Frenchie rice recovers him from stomach issues. When he has a bout with tummy discomfort, you need to give up on feeding them fatty or rich food for a while. 

And stick to bland foods such as rice that will soothe their system. Milder ingredients help avoid any indigestion while they heal themselves back into top shape.

Rice is the answer to all of your Frenchie’s stomach woes. Feeding him rice as a snack or giving it in his food will help bring relief for that nagging bellyache and gas.

  • Easy To Digest

For every Frenchie in the world, feeding them rice is a must. It is easy for their stomach to digest and when it comes into contact with water. Turns into a mushy consistency that they can easily eat without choking on any of the small pieces.

  • Recovers From Diarrhea

When your Frenchie has diarrhea, one of the best ways to help him recover is by feeding him rice.

A major component in battling against a dog’s digestive system is finding out what they are allergic or sensitive to and avoiding it accordingly. 

Feeding them something that agrees with their stomach will do wonders for healing.

Such as when you find yourself treating an upset stomach from food poisoning.

Remember that diet plays a huge role on how quickly we can get back up on our feet again after feeling ill. So be thoughtful about what goes into your body during this time if possible.

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How To Feed French Bulldogs Rice?

Is your French bulldog suffering from a sensitive stomach or food allergies? Is it difficult to find safe dog foods that are also appetizing for them, both in taste and appearance? 

Fear not! 

This guide will teach you how to create the perfect diet plan with rice.

French Bulldogs need more calories than other breeds of dogs because they’re on constant alert as if their lives depend on it. 

The best way to make sure this is happening without stressing out their already delicate digestive system is by high-calorie dense foods. Like brown rice which can be cooked easily into any meal type, such as soups and salads. 

But do not worry about balancing the nutritional needs yet.

French bulldogs are not a large breed and will usually eat about one cup of food per day. If you have more than one French Bulldog, divide the daily amount evenly among them. When it comes to feeding your pup rice, there is no need to cook the rice first like with other dog breeds because they are less sensitive stomachs.

Mixing in some vegetables or meat is optional but recommended for optimal nutrition as well as variety.

Should You Feed Your French Bulldog Brown Rice Or White Rice?

It is a common misconception that brown rice and white rice are interchangeable. 

Brown rice contains more fiber than its counterpart which may lead to increased bowel movements in dogs, especially ones with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. 

Dogs react differently to these variations so feeding them the same thing every day can cause chaos on your dog’s digestive system.

Though it seems that brown rice might be the better option, white rice is actually healthier for your French Bulldog. 

Brown Rice has a higher level of fat and cholesterol than White Rice which can cause more digestive issues with Fido later on in life especially if he is consuming too many high-fat foods. 

Be sure to monitor him closely as you start feeding this type of food because some dogs may not take well to such radical changes initially.

Foods Your Frenchie Should Never Eat

Below are the foods you should avoid feeding to your French bulldog;

  • Avocado

Great advice for any pet owner!

Never feed avocado to your frenchie, according to a new study. The research found that the fruit’s compounds are toxic in large doses and can lead to an upset stomach or even organ failure in dogs.

  • Xylitol 

Beware of the dangers in store when feeding Xylitol to your Frenchie.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute that has been shown to cause liver failure and death. While dogs can not taste it, they will eat anything given to them if hungry enough.

  • Alcohol 

It is not that you need to feed your Frenchie with a glass of wine or anything, but take note.

Never ever give them any alcohol whatsoever!

There are two reasons for this: First off, if they drink the alcohol then it will make their blood sugar levels drop and can lead to hypoglycemia, which is potentially fatal. 

Secondly, even if they do not actually ingest the liquid from an alcoholic beverage straight up, there might be some lingering fumes still on its surface which could cause intoxication as well.

That being said, you should also avoid giving your dog chocolate. Because no one really knows why dogs have such a love affair with these delicious treats.

  • Onion

A Frenchie is always a happy dog. 

They love to play, sometimes with their owners and other times on their own. But there are some things you must never do when it comes to your pup: feed them onions or garlic. 

The secretions made by these foods can damage the Frenches’ red blood cells which will eventually lead to anemia in severe cases of ingestion.

  • Garlic

Never feed garlic to your Frenchie or you will be forced into the undesirable position of picking up all their droppings.

The idea that Frenchies are not able to eat garlic may have been started by a family who had an unpleasant experience with this particular spice. 

It is important for us as dog owners and caretakers, both those in charge of dogs at home and professionals working on behalf of animals elsewhere.

To remember, there is more than one way these lovable creatures can handle certain ingredients we leave out when cooking our own dinner.

Wrapping up!

If you are thinking about feeding your dog rice, the first thing to know is that it should only be done under supervision. 

The second thing to keep in mind is that rice can quickly cause pancreatitis and intestinal disease if not fed correctly. 

Rice needs a lot of water so make sure your pup has plenty available when eating this food. Lastly, never feed spoiled or moldy foods as these will have toxic effects on your pet’s health. 

All our best wishes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How much rice is safe according to your vets?

According to the vet, you should only feed your dog ½ cup of rice at most.

The amount and type of food a pet eats can affect their health in many ways. One such way is by feeding them too much rice which could lead to excessive weight gain due to the high levels of carbs it contains.

Q2:Will feeding my dog cooked white basmati rice help with their skin condition or allergies?

One way your dog can get relief from their itchy and dry skin conditions may be by switching out the food they have been eating for white basmati rice. 

The reason behind why dogs could experience such improved symptoms when put on an all-rice diet still remains unclear. However, in some rare cases people who also eat gluten free diets have experienced similar benefits due to changes in gut bacteria composition.

And pH balance which leads us to believe there are less sensitivities found with dietary restrictions like these.

Q3:What are the negatives that happen from french bulldogs eating too much rice?

French Bulldogs have a reputation of being quite the gluttons so they will gobble up anything. And everything that is not nailed down, including any food you might be cooking on your stove top or counter space.

The main problem with Frenchies is when they eat too much rice. It causes them to experience severe gastrointestinal distress because this kind of dry grain does not digest well enough for dogs’ stomachs.

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