Can French Bulldogs Eat Apples?(Warning) Read Before You Feed Them.

Some of us might not like kitchen work but the Frenchie likes it. Not because he doesn’t have to do it but because he is always in a search of food falling. Know we all like apples and you would have wondered if your Frenchie can eat it too or not.

So I want to tell you in this article whether it’s safe for your Frenchie to eat apples or not. You know those seeds, beeps, and the center of the apple. Apples contain so many nutrients in them. They have Vitamin A and also Vitamin C.

But how do they work for French bulldogs in their diet?

Let us figure out something more to add to the French bulldog’s diet. There are so many questions that whether it is right to feed them apples and what are the pros and cons of doing so.

can french bulldogs eat apples

This article is worth reading, you will get almost everything you need to know about what the French bulldogs eat and if it is good for them or not! So now you can save their lives and can feed them well. So, let us try to find some of the best answers regarding all of the questions and increase some knowledge.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Apples?

In case you need to end up a great companionship with your small and charming French bulldogs, or you need to reinforce your bond with them so you’d certainly got to watch out for their needs. You’ll be able to offer them the nourishment they just like the most and for that firstly you ought to know almost what they like to do and what not. It is a very common phrase that is very well heard by almost everyone up there. The phrase exactly says that;


But here we need to figure out if it is really good for our little Frenchie or not. Let’s dig into the detail and get our answers. A few of the things they like to eat more are the natural products and some good dog foods and in natural products particularly apples are much enjoyed by them.

Moreover, in general apples are not bad for them at all. They are very tasty and sweet which makes them love to eat them more and more. The only thing which needs your attention is the inner part of the apple.

Yes! You heard it right, the core of an apple!

So, the core contains seeds in it which creates problems if these tiny seeds are swallowed by your French bulldogs.

Are Apples Safe For French Bulldogs?

So rather like these acts upon the people, it does not have those benefits for the bulldogs. Even though it is safe for them, they still do not provide much centrality to your Frenchies. Moreover, apples have so numerous supplements inside them for everyone who eats it.

If they want food and feeling hungry then apples are not a bad choice. But be aware and avoid giving them the middle part of the apple , otherwise it would be a big problem for them.

Furthermore, make sure that you have taken out the seeds and pips from the apple because they create so many health problems for your little friends.

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How Can Apples Be Good Food For A Frenchie?

Apples are a complete food. It has all the essential nutrients a body needs. But we cannot consider the same thing for French bulldogs.

They are considered to be good but not most of the time. You need to take care that you properly feed them and the proper quantity. This is the only case in which apples can result perfectly for your Frenchies.

There is a good quantity of vitamins in apples such as A, K, and C which is very good in boosting up the energy level. If your French bulldogs are pretty much healthy and active then apples will help them maintain that energy level and will end up giving good health benefits.

Individual Effects ON Dogs:

Every person and every living creature indeed has its own body type and digestion mechanism. An important thing which is must to consider is that;

Not everything suits everybody!

Apples are a good source of sugar and many other vital nutrients. Consuming apples is dependent upon the inner system of digestion. They neither harm everyone and nor suits everyone.

So, for your French bulldog, this food barely depends upon him. But here we are talking about all of the dogs in general, not about a particular one.

Moreover, if your bulldog has diabetes then it can be a POISON for them, so make sure you do not give them that.

The French bulldogs cherish the sweet taste which makes them eat these yummy fruits. Consequently, it is the taste after which you provide Frenchies apples to eat, and imperatively, they don’t hurt their wellbeing.

Some Side Effect of Eating Apples:

Pets demand care and a friendly environment. Caring for them includes choosing good food for them.  While introducing new things to your pets you stay quite conscious if there is some side effect after eating something.

You always stay careful when it comes to food and especially that food which is not fully good for your pets. The same goes with trying to add apples to their diet.

Side effect of eating apple core for french bulldog

There is no guarantee that how would they respond after eating apples for the first time because being an individual this depends upon their immunity. But make this thing sure that you start with very little quantity.

If they feel bad after eating them and symptoms like; vomiting or diarrhea appear then you need to take them to the nearby vet as soon as possible. Or in case of emergency, you can manage by giving them some freshwater it will also help them getting normal.

What About The Young French Bulldogs?

Most of the French bulldogs when they are young in age they ought to get more serious stomach problems. They cannot digest the food properly. Especially hard foods are difficult for them to consume.

Gradually with time, they get used to some hard diets such as dog food and other food items. You need to take care if they are at their solid food stage, only then you can feed them with solids otherwise it’s a big no.

These French bulldogs are sensitive animals and quite expensive when it comes to medication. So, be conscious about their health and the diet they take will help you raise them within your budget.

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French Bulldogs & Green Apples:

All over the world, there are various kinds of apples. But mostly we came to see red, green and yellow apples. These three are somehow very common everywhere.

Moreover, you’ll be able to offer any kind of apple to these small animals. They will love to have them so you’d not get any trouble bolstering them. Rather than simply, might think approximately how to halt them from eating different things since they will keep on eating increasingly.

Green Apples

So the color does not matter at all. But you can change the ways of feeding them apples. such as you can give them cooked apples, or can make fresh juice out of them.

Why Should You Remove The Core And Pips of The Apple?

The apples are a rich source of valuable vitamins and minerals but not seeds. The seeds of the apple contain a very rich amount of cyanide. Cyanide is basically a poisonous chemical that can even cause death.

So, they cause health problems due to which you should avoid feeding them apple pips and seeds in the core but the rest of the apple is perfectly fine to eat. This will keep them healthy and fit.

Eating pips and core can also get their stomach upset and you being an owner would have to suffer due to all of this. So choose their food wisely.

Can Frenchies Eat Other Apple-Based Foods?

Of course! There is no objection to feeding your dog different apple-based foods. There are so many things we make out of apples such as;

  • Apple pies,
  • Crumble,
  • Puree,
  • Chips, etc.

So these all things are what we normally eat. These can be good for them but just in case you do not add much sugar to them too.

Basically, these kinds of foods have so many oils and other different ingredients in them. We do not know exactly that what can act badly for the dogs. Everything is not digestible for them so can turn out to be dangerous in some cases.

Sugar can cause serious problems for your dog’s wellbeing so it is a must to take care of such little things.

What If You Give Human Food To Your French Bulldogs?

It is not a new thing that you feed pets with human food. The reason behind this is that all of the commercial food is the latest food source. But previously when they did not exist people used to feed their dogs and other pet with human food or any ordinary food they eat themselves.

Some of the people still follow the same pattern of feeding their dogs with the normal routine food which they use to eat. So this is not an unacceptable or unexpected thing. But make sure that you do not give them any toxic food anyhow.

Concluding thoughts;

So, if you are trying to add apples to your French bulldog’s diet then keep in mind all of the important information jotted above in this article. Hopefully, all of your precious questions have been answered in a good manner.

It isn’t off-base to bolster your French bulldogs with the food they like to eat. You’ll feed some pieces of nice and sweet natural products. But what you wish to require care of is simply ought to not overfeed them; else you’ll get into a few inconveniences.

Moreover, start with a very little quantity every time you get to introduce something to your pet’s diet. Be patient and calm while doing so because;

Your patience and care are what your pets need!

Summarizing all of the points, apples are a good diet for your Frenchies, but you need to take care of all the things mention above. They will help you anyway.

And remember one important thing that your pets are not humans they cannot convey what they need and how they feel, it depends upon you how you deal with them.

Show your love and care and you are sorted for a good and happy pet!


Q1:What if your Frenchie eats the apple seed?

For humans, just a small amount of taking apple seeds may cause bad effects on your dogs.

So, don’t let your French bulldogs eat the seeds of the apples since it has cyanide in it which isn’t great at all for well-evolved creatures. Cyanide is exceptionally damaging to the wellbeing of mammals that it can even cause death.

So make beyond any doubt simply would not let the Frenchies eat those apple seeds which are in its center other than that rest of the apple is favorably great for them to eat.

Q2:How frequently do Frenchies eat apples?

Frenchies feel great when their stomachs are full. In any case, they can eat anything they get. So you have got to keep this thing in check that you just give them nearly good enough food so that they would not eat anything harmful.

Every living thing within the world is concerned for its life and for that what they do is eat. Additionally, French bulldogs eat to remain lively. So they get apples within the environment they will certainly eat them.

One of the reasons behind eating apples regularly is that in case they had the only choice. In case they get nothing else to eat they will go for apples without a doubt.

Q3:What about apple juice?

If you give them fresh apple juice it will be great! Try not to add any kind of sugar to it as it is already very sweet. Other than this adding sweeter to it can cause various issues especially if your dog is diabetic.

Moreover, do not go for giving them packed juices because the branded juices have additional preservatives, some toxic chemicals, and a lot of sugar which can eventually make your dog sick.

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