Do French Bulldogs Like To Wear Clothes? Loves Clothes or Hates Them?

Do French Bulldogs love to wear clothes, or are they more likely to hate having their photo taken while wearing them? We will tell you what we have learned from our own experience.

A question many dog owners might have is, do french bulldogs like to wear clothes? The answer is yes and no. Frenchies are known for being difficult when it comes to wearing clothes because they do not want to be restrained in any way. 

Do French Bulldogs Like To Wear Clothes

However, if you find the perfect shirt or sweater that your pup can move around freely in, they may just enjoy strutting their stuff. 

But there are some things you can do to see if your dog enjoys wearing clothes or not.

Should You Put Clothes On Your French Bulldog?

Frenchies are often misunderstood. They do not wear clothes because they are dirty. But to protect their delicate skin from irritants in the air and sun exposure.

Many people believe that French Bulldogs never need to be dressed up with clothing. After all, aren’t these short-legged dogs just naturally covered by fur? But it turns out this is a big misconception.

While most of the time your furry friend will not require pants or shirts unless you live somewhere really cold, there are times when dressing them can actually help keep them healthy and happy.

Reason Frenchies Needs To Wear Clothes

Frenchies are quite the stylish pets, with their sleek black and white fur coat. But if they are not properly dressed, even this fashionable dog will look less than its best. 

That is why Frenchie needs to wear clothes. It makes them feel good about themselves because at least on the outside they know that you care enough for them to put in some effort.

When dressing up your pet, which is something no one else does.

The only way to know if they enjoy wearing clothes is by putting it on them. 

Try Clothing And See

Wondering if your French bulldog really enjoys wearing clothes? Do not worry, there are a few tricks you can try that might just make it work for both of us.

In general, dogs dislike the sensation of clothing against their skin because they experience discomfort and feel vulnerable when clothed, especially in public. 

There is no way to know for sure whether or not your dog will like being dressed unless you give it a shot. 

You may be surprised by how much fun dressing up with an animal companion could actually be.

Wear Them Clothes When They Are Young

If you have always wanted a dog, but could not own one because of your allergies or the constraints on space in your home, then it is never too early to introduce them. 

Start by letting them sniff an article of clothing and see how they react. Make sure that this garment will be appropriate for their size.

So that when they grow up as well as any other needs such as if you have sensitive skin which is prone to scratching and rubbing against fabrics like woolens.

Try Them With Less Clothes

The Frenchie life is an exciting one, but it is not always easy. You want to make sure they are safe and secure while still looking adorable. 

Before you go out on a limb with that full-body onesie or custom made booties, try armless harnesses first for more coverage and then increase the fabric as your dog grows.

A Frenchie might be all dressed up in her fancy outfit from head to toe. but she will have twice the fun if there are fewer fabrics covering sensitive areas like their armpits. 

Start off small by trying vests before going right into full blown outfits so give them some room to grow.

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How To Choose Frenchie’s Clothes?

Frenchie is a unique and adorable dog who always dresses to impress. That is why it can be hard to pick out just the right outfit for him! How do you know what will look good on Frenchie? 

Here are some tips:

1) Put his personality into mind when picking an outfit

Does he have fun, outgoing energy or more chill vibes? Maybe he needs cozy clothing like sweaters in winter. 

Does she prefer playful outfits with bright colors, patterns and textures that complement her perfect fur coat ? You should also talk about how cold-hardy your pup may be before deciding whether they need clothes made from wool, cotton fleece etcetera.  

2) Consider their size

Frenchies Hoodies

Put your pet in a stylish French bulldog hoodie to keep them warm on chilly fall and winter nights.

These are not just for people, but they come with pockets at the front so you can carry their favorite toy or snack.

French Dogs Sweaters

The French bulldog is a popular pet for many reasons, often because of their fluffy and round appearance.

This breed has been known to be great companions in the home due to their low maintenance nature. 

The wide selection of sweaters available will make your pooch feel like they are on top of the world. As you are able to pick out something that perfectly complements them.

Frenchies Shirts

French bulldog shirts are the perfect way to show your love for these adorable pups. 

The cotton fabric is light enough to be worn on warmer summer evenings, and this design features a contemporary style that will put you in high-fashion territory.


They are the cutest little dogs, but they have a huge disadvantage. Frenchies can not swim because of their short bodies and brachycephalic skulls. 

I highly advise you to check out our wide assortment of dog safety life jackets that will make sure your pup is safe in any water adventure.


Conclusion paragraph: Now that we’ve had a chat about Frenchie and their clothes, let us know what you think. Do your Frenchies have any favorite outfits? We love to hear from our readers so please comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Should you put clothes on Frenchies in summer?

There is some debate about this subject, but many people believe that as long as they have access to plenty of shade and water. Their furry friend should be able to enjoy a day at the park or beach with minimal clothing interference.

Q2:Do French bulldogs get irritated in clothes?

 It varies from dog to dog. Some love the feeling of having their bodies wrapped up with a blanket or sweater, whereas others are uncomfortable and irritated by it.

Q3:How to know if my Frenchie is uncomfortable?

If you are a dog owner, it can be tough to tell when your Frenchie is uncomfortable. Dogs generally will not show any signs of discomfort or pain. Unless, they are so distraught that their body has no choice but to shut down and allow themselves some relief from the agony. 

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