Are French Bulldogs Good Pets? Let’s Find Out Why?

You know that a dog is probably the best pet you’ll ever have, let’s found out why?

All the dogs in the world have different and unique personalities and abilities. Dogs are very funny, are very faithful, good at hugs, and have loneliness-stopping powers.

Are French Bulldogs Good Pets

You know grooming a dog and going out to exercise with it will also keep you fit. To make it your best friend you need to love it and not ignore it. But a French bulldog is a really good choice if you’re looking for good company.

You know if you have a French bulldog a pet you would probably think of them as, adorable, nice, and creased. But these aren’t even half of these joyful and friendly companions.

They might a lot in price but it is worth it. They are easy to clean, loved by kids and also a little contrary sometimes.

You are probably wondering if French bulldogs are good pets or not? Well, today here I am going to give you your answer. And I’m going to all about their appearance, how to pet them and how to take care of them.

Are French Bulldogs Good Pets?

This playful creature has a large mouth and a big face. It is strong and is a thick skin of procreating. It has ears like a bat and a small nose.

 This creature is an active, adorable, and jolly procreate. This procreate is the cousin of the English bulldog. They do have some things in common but are still different procreates of a dog.

History of French bulldogs:

Okay! So before you step up to bring them home and keep them as pets scroll down and take a look at their history! 

So, there are so many controversies about the French bulldogs, some the people even doubt their breed. But, that’s not the actual case. These bulldogs have the English breed for sure.

Many of the doubts are because of the size and height they have. They were brought to France from England and from there the breed continued and developed over time. They look very different from other ones.

Moreover, the most prominent difference between French bulldogs from other dogs is their bat-like ears. Whereas the English bulldogs have ears more like rose-shaped.

Care of French bulldogs:

Firstly you should have an idea of how to take good care of them as pets. But for that, you need to know about them.

French bulldogs are also called Frenchies. So, these Frenchies are very soft and smooth dogs. Grooming is the first and foremost thing. While taking care of them you need to keep them clean and tidy.

Grooming importantly includes; brushing their hair, give them a bath if required, ear cleaning, and many more things like that.

french bulldog maintenance

Moreover keep consulting the vet, if you ever find them any skin issue or something like that. They lose their hair in spring and fall and at that time you need to keep brushing them so that the extra hair may get dusted.

Furthermore, you would have to take care of their nails, keep cracking and cleaning them. Their teeth should be cleaned up after days and two. Taking care of teeth and nails is really very important. They prevent them from all of the infections.

The French bulldogs are very active and smart they will never let you down at any point. They love eating. Even you can give them food as a reinforcement reward while training them as it will increase their rate of learning.

If you will train them with full interest it will help you in making a good bond with your pet, so keep this thing in mind!

What Kinds of Partners Are Frenchies?

Frenchies are good partners undoubtedly. You can take them for jogging. By going out they can make friends and get socialized as well.

However, the French bulldogs are not very good jogging partners they rather prefer to be lapdogs. But this does not mean that you cannot take them out.

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How To Train Frenchies? 

Training a pet can be a tricky task but it is not impossible. You may find them difficult to train because at the start they are not easily controllable. But if you find more difficulty in training them then you can also hire a trainer for them.

Moreover, it is important to notice if you have other pets at your home because this can even affect your Frenchie while getting trained and learning things. For example, if you already have cats at your home they may chase them.

french bulldog training

Socialization is the biggest factor when you are training your pet because if they don’t have this habit it can cause a problem for them while interacting with other pets and people.

So we can say;


Proper diet for Frenchies:

French bulldogs are food lovers and the little ones need proper meals. It would be good if you just give them 3 or 4 cups of dog food in a day. The quantity of meals depends upon the size and age of them.

If you face any problem while feeding them, or if the food doesn’t suit your dog then it is a must to get them to the vets. Only this can help you either you can try some other dog food.

Frenchies as first pets:

Is it your first time going to have pets??? If yes then you don’t need to panic!

French bulldogs could be perfect first pets for you. They are easy to handle, they can adjust to the routines you set for them. And they will love you for taking care of them.

These dogs are quite manageable than other ones as they are smart in learning. Keeping feeding them on time and you are sorted.

If you are going to bring a baby bulldog to your home then you would have to give more time to them. As it is time taking and there is so much to do while raising a baby dog.

Frenchies are good pets throughout but to get more information scroll down and look at some of the pros and cons!

Pros of Frenchies as pets:

French bulldogs are very cute and interesting animals especially when you keep them in your home. They will and fun and joy to your family

Let’s look at some more information about them;

Frenchies have so many good qualities and traits. They are the best choice for a family.

They are the best companions:

Bored while jogging or being alone? If yes then get a Frenchie to your home. They are undoubtedly the best companion for you. French bulldogs, most of the time they are good friends of yours. If you ever feel lonely they will divert your attention.

You will love playing with them always. They are so loyal to you that you will not get disappointed from their side.


Grooming a dog is very important. Keep their hair cut well. If they go out frequently then bathing and brushing should be done on regular basis.

If in case they lose their hair coat then you must take care of brushing them well. And avoiding their hair coming into your food else it can cause serious infections.


French bulldogs are of ideal sizes. They are neither too big and nor so small. Handling them does not take much time if you are feeding them as babies they are so cute and small to carry in your hands.

While taking bath they do not need much effort because of the small size and keeping them in control also becomes easy due to it.

Loving nature:

Your Frenchies are the loveliest creatures on earth; they are so loyal and friendly to almost everybody. They are not too quiet in nature but will not also disturb you.

Some cons:

There are not many cons of keeping French bulldogs as pets. But still, there are some of the things which are noticeable as being represented as cons.


Buying a French bulldog can be expensive for an average-earning person. Keeping them as pets and fulfilling their needs while raising them needs a lot of money. Their health consultants and trainers take a lot of money just for the first meetup.

If you cannot afford much expensive then thinks wisely before bringing them home.

Daily cleaning:

If you have Frenchies at your home and now you are not that free to give more time to them then it can cause some serious problems. They require daily cleanings and brushing.

You need to take care of their nails and teeth. But in case you are not available for this, it would be something to think about.

Breeding issues:

Unfortunately, because French Bulldogs are so popular, this leads to inexperienced breeders wanting to make a ‘quick buck’ out of breeding their dog and selling puppies, without really knowing what they’re doing. This can be really dangerous and lead to very unhealthy puppies, so please be careful if you’re planning to buy a Frenchie.

It is an unfortunate thing that these French bulldogs lead to inexperienced breeders. The reason behind this is that the sellers do not see their condition instead they are more interested in selling the puppies.

This can bring certain serious issues to the puppies, they either born unhealthy or die during the birth.

How often Do They Adjust In A family?

French bulldogs are very comfortable when they get use to of the people they are surrounded by. They love sitting on the laps of the care takers. They love the friendly environment and spend a lot of time playing and sitting with the family members.

The French bulldogs do not bark a lot. They do not disturb while being with you. They are happy when they are surrounded by family members and having their proper attentions. In the time of excitement they do bark but their barks are not inconvenient at all.

They do not take much space to live in so a corner of your room could be perfect for them to live. All of them are really very gentle and sweet.  Frenchies love their owners. If you are at home they will stay with you rather than staying in backyard or garage.


So, it is very obvious that the French bulldogs are really a very expensive breed. Their reproduction is also artificial you need to take care of them. They take so much money for the vet bills and their routine food is also quite pricy.

But, they are really adorable and every single penny is worth spending on them..!!

Now you must be ready to bring them home, isn’t it? If they get into your family you’ll love them. They are so cute and quiet that they would never disturb you anyhow. And they are the best choice for you to keep them as pets.

Furthermore, their adorable traits make them the perfect pets for your family. But you just have to keep care of some of their health issues and cleanliness. Other than this, their cute faces are not ignorable at all. Their playful nature will joy up your life!

So, are you ready to bring a four-legged, furry, and loyal companion?? I’m, you must be!


Q1:Do crossbreed or mix-breed French bulldogs make good pets?

Yes! French bulldogs are good pets in every breed. If you are looking for purebreds then you have to look a bit more and select the best one out of many. It is better to read about their previous histories to choose the perfect French bulldog.

Q2:How do figure out that what vaccination does french bulldog need?

Vaccination is the first and foremost thing you need to do before bringing French bulldogs to your home. Their schedule varies and keeps on changing concerning their health conditions.

But, many of the vets would not tell you the exact dates or time for somewhat reason. They mostly look for their profit on regular checkups. So, it is a must to find a good vet for your Frenchie.

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