Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much? How To Stop Them?

There is no known reason why do french bulldogs cry so much? The sounds of whining yelps can be heard as whimpering. French bulldogs relate to the breed of poodle mixes, which ensures they are very loyal. They want to be the object of concern of the owners and be interested in all facets of the owner’s life. Therefore, when you notice your dog barking when left home, you should not be shocked.

why do french bulldogs cry so much

Yet, I am intrigued as to why that is so. If we speak to the crying French Bulldog, we need to consider the causes behind the cries and the feelings that trigger them.

Does Your Frenchies Cry or Whine?

Bulldogs can indeed cry. However, they do not have the same understanding of crying. When the dog cries, you need to know that there are several reasons for it. The sound of your Frenchie’s whining and whimpering may be the result of attention, food, or potty break. Thus, before you think your dog is mentally unwell, make sure he doesn’t ask for some of the previously mentioned things.

Complaining is an instinctual behavior learned at birth. If your Frenchie whines about reaching the goal, then he knows that actions are important. This is how your dog’s whining can drive you crazy. Fix the behavior by talking to a dog behavior specialist. Spoiling your dog is not allowed. Dogs only have one way to be obedient. It’s cruelled not to give your dog treats or toys.

Your Frenchie’s “crying” could be due to dog separation anxiety. It is a health condition that causes dogs to become anxious, and they begin to whine, pant, and nervously walk around. Dogs have separation anxiety. However, working dogs are at a higher risk of developing this condition.

If your dog suffers from chronic pain, he/she will not whimper. It’s reasonable to see a dog whimper when it steps on something sharp or is experiencing postoperative pain. Constant whining will only show that your dog has a behavioral issue.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So much? 

Dogs’ eyes have tear ducts to help them function normally. However, people do not cry due to emotional reasons. If your Frenchie’s crying, there is probably something wrong. They are most often caused by:

The reasons for your french Bulldog crying

Dogs understand us. They can smell and sense their owners’ feelings. When we are sad, they are there to share our sadness. They are the only creatures who unconditionally love us.

French bulldogs are unlike any other breed. These little gremlins are ready to go to the end of the world. There is no greater happiness for dog owners than seeing their dogs running to them to show how happy they are to see them again.

1.Your French Bulldog is lonely 

Bulldogs have been produced down from bigger combat bulls to their current toy scale. Your French Bulldog has a strong tradition of being a dog for you day and night and in various towns, bars, and dancehalls.

That is not a French Bulldog; it is a sad Frenchie. If you prefer a dog who loves to be around you at all hours, you will have to get used to getting a Frenchie.

2.Your French Bulldog is cold 

Frenchie’s are little puppies. Many are less than 20 pounds. Coat hairs are small and fine. This gives the watch a refined look.

Dogs can get too cold in winter and when the air conditioning is blasting in summer. For certain dog types, the buying of dog clothes is more than just for the sake of cuteness. It will even help the dog keep warm all year long.

It is also essential for Frenchie’s, who live perfectly happy inside even in tight, cramped spaces.

3.Your French Bulldog isn’t feeling good 

Your Frenchie can have emotional responses to frustration in a similar way to a baby weeping. If you feel your Frenchie is not feeling good, try to change their diet. Sometimes you can go them outside; maybe they feel better.

4.Your French Bulldog wants your attention 

If we wish to support the French Bulldog owner, we should motivate the Frenchie to express pleasure as the owner rushes over. Because sometimes, to seek attention, french bulldogs create noises.

5.Your French Bulldog is feeling bored

French Bulldogs are not the more energetic dog types. Most of the reasons for this are their small (brachycephalic) form of the muzzle, which renders it very difficult to breathe.

The French Bulldogs, though, are still not great at amusing themselves. Their definition of fun is to be with you, to do everything that you do. Your Frenchie may start crying to let you know that they’re lonely if you’re not around or not available.

6.Your French Bulldog is confused

Frenchie’s are delicate pets who are unbelievably attuned to their people. They will pick up on the most delicate human gestures and thoughts, and conflict can even be sensed.

French Bulldogs depend on regularity and repetition, much like other dogs. Changes to your dog’s daily routine can create uncertainty as to what is meant to happen when.

If your Frenchie is confused, instead of the more usual barking, you might anticipate some “acting out” by weeping. If you should understand how to hear crying like the barking you can expect, it can be simpler to recognize and address it.

Blocked tear ducts

To avoid blocked tear ducts, I advise the regular use of Tear Stain Remover. It is antimicrobial, so that you can use it for eye cleans too. Place some drops on a cotton ball and apply them to the dog’s eyes. To remove old tears, you will need to use them for two weeks.

Allergies in french bulldogs

Frenchie’s tend to be more affected by the environmental type of allergy. They experience a variety of allergic symptoms upon being exposed to triggers.

Seasonal pollen and dust is the main cause of such issues. In addition to that, your veterinarian might write a prescription you corticosteroid drops and frequent eye washing.

Eye Infection in french bulldogs

Your Frenchie’s eyes may discharge yellow or mucus. If yes, then your little gremlin will require antibiotic eye drops. Eye infections can also cause redness and itchiness.

Why Do French Bulldogs Scream?

Not too uncommon, some French bulldog owners have made videos or questions about their dog. There are reports of very high-pitched screams and squeals coming from their Frenchie’s, and the cause has been narrowed down to their Brachycephalic breed and excitable personalities.


Breeds of brachycephalic dogs have several anatomic disadvantages resulting in stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, hypoplastic trachea, and more. French bulldogs have abnormally narrow windpipes, which restricts breathing in and out.

High pitched noises (high-pitched as in donkey and not in “high pitch”) show high-strung excitement symptoms. If the animal is healthy and free of pain and shows signs of joy by making a noise, it may tell you it is lonely.

Squealing is considered normal among most dogs, although the emphasis is generally higher on brachycephalic breeds. French bulldogs and other hypoplastic trachea-prone dogs often squeal when excited because of a lot of air leaving their tiny bodies and organs so fast.

Crying as a baby

Crying in infant French bulldogs is very understandable when a new setting is added. Adjusting may take time, and repeated face-to-face interaction might make a pet a little nervous.

Crying as an adult

Your latest puppy is now a tall, grown dog. You might also be shocked that he is weeping and moaning a lot of the time. It is a loving sort, and it might let out a sob when it thinks it wants something.

Crying in old Frenchie’s

Your fuzzy friend may have evolved with you, but you must be mindful of why they weep. The infant will scream or whine unexpectedly for no excuse. It’s ok if they cry because you may have to take them to the doctor.

How to Stop Your French Bulldog from Crying?

A few minutes of French Bulldog crying may be adorable. A few hours or days of French Bulldog crying is likely to be far less adorable. Is there anything you can do to stop this from happening? 

1.Take your Frenchie to get a veterinary checkup 

As little house animal hospital explains, the first step to take is to double-check that your dog is healthy. Take your Frenchie for a veterinary checkup so your vet can verify all is well health-wise. 

2.Give your dog more activity and structure 

Once health conditions are ruled out, you can take a closer look at behavioral issues that may cause crying.  Since the French Bulldog is known for being a breed that cries rather than barks, you can expect some behavior no matter what you do. 

But you can reduce crying by making sure your dog has adequate socialization, playtime, exercise, and plenty of you-time. You can also eliminate any of your behaviors that may be reinforcing the crying behavior, so your dog learns crying means no attention from you. 

Do you have a crying French Bulldog at home? Share your tips on how to keep Frenchies content and quiet.


The French bulldogs are one friendly and loving breed, despite their flaws. If you have accepted a Frenchie, make sure you make all the possible attempts for your side.

Spending quality time with your Frenchie and providing them with a happy atmosphere will alleviate their fear and isolation. Make sure your pet is both mentally and physically healthy, or you will be held accountable.

There could be many triggers for French bulldogs to weep, as you can see. Are you confident that he is happy with his core needs: food, drink, potty breaks, fun activities, and your attention? Then monitor your dog for signs to see if either of the above medical problems are acceptable, and check with your vet.


Q1:How do you stop a French bulldog from crying?

  • Make the crate experience positive and comfortable.
  • Place the crate in the right place.
  • It’s too heavy.
  • Hold your Frenchie out of the shower.
  • Get the dog tiring until crate time.
  • Ignore the Frenchie’s moaning and weeping.

Q2:Why are French bulldogs so clingy?

Clingy Behavior

Dogs are named Velcro dogs when they stick to their parents. This is called Velcro Dog Syndrome. Frenchie’s can suffer from separation anxiety as well as being clingy. French Bulldogs are dog breeds that are dependent on owners.

Q3:Are Frenchie’s emotional?

Frenchie’s tend to be overly emotional because they were originally bred as lap dogs. Like children, they can get moody if scolded for doing something wrong.

Q4:Can crying be a negative behavior?

No, Owners think their dogs can learn to bark for attention. Ignore your child’s crying to help deal with their negative approach. Yes, they have a real reason that needs to be taken care of.