French Bulldog Shedding: How To Prevent Shedding?

As a French Bulldog owner, you know firsthand that these little guys are full of personality. 

French bulldogs are known for their short hair and cute, wrinkly faces. Unfortunately, they also have a reputation for shedding constantly. 

do french bulldogs shed

The combination of these two traits can make it difficult to keep your home clean and tidy all the time. 

Read this article to learn how you can manage your french bulldog’s shedding problem so that you do not feel like housekeeping is always fighting a losing battle.

Do French Bulldog Shed?

French Bulldogs are known to shed hair just as much as any other dog breed. 

In fact, regular brushing will help keep your home clean and reduce shedding by distributing the loose hairs throughout the day so that they’re not all concentrated in one place.

French bulldogs may be cute little guys with their wrinkly faces but those fluffballs can really make a mess of things.

You will want to brush them regularly because without grooming Frenchies’ fur is likely going to get matted down. 

Not only does this look bad, it also promotes increased amounts of skin irritation around their necks from constant rubbing on furniture or window sills.

For example which could lead into more serious health problems over time like infections or even cancerous growths if left untreated.

Why Do French Bulldogs Shed?

The following are some of the reasons that cause shedding;

  • Genes

French Bulldogs are known for their playful and cuddly traits. Shedding is no exception to this lineage, but thankfully it’s only one of the many things they inherit from their ancestors.

As with many dog breeds that have been around since antiquity, French Bulldog shedding may be controlled by genes too.

  • Malnutrition

French Bulldog shedding is not only a sign of old age, but also an indication they are unhealthy. 

A French bulldog with fleas will be scratching and have fur matted in the coat due to this parasite’s saliva irritating their skin. 

As for malnutrition, if your dog eats anything outside or hunts small animals like squirrels on its own it can result in stomach problems from eating things that could make them sick.

Such as dirt or garbage cans left out overnight which has spoiled food waste inside it.

Some owners even throw away perfectly good meat products after opening because they do not want pets coming near objects people eat off of.

  • Coat Blowing

French Bulldogs are notorious for shedding their coats. 

They have a thick, coarse undercoat that grows throughout the year to keep them warm during winter months and then sheds in spring or summer when they only need protection from the sun’s rays.

A slicker brush can help with removing excess hair at home but it is recommended you bring your dog into our grooming salon every six weeks.

So we can give him a full haircut as well as other services like an ear cleaning-out session.

  • Weather 

When you think about it, one of the most unexpected side effects of owning a dog is that they shed. 

You have to pick up their poop and make sure they do not eat too many slippers or chew your favorite shoes into pieces 

But all this is nothing compared with how much fur these little guys can produce.

The French Bulldog has an even higher rate than usual considering its thick coat. Which means when seasons change, so does the amount of hair on your furniture and clothes. 

It might not be as bad right now in January because we are coming off winter where there is less warmth outside leading to reduced shedding but once spring comes around? 

Be prepared!

Even though weather patterns are unpredictable!

  • Age

French bulldogs shed all around their home, but with age the Frenchies may start shedding more than usual.

The fluffy little Frenchie you know and love has a lot of fur that can be picked up from almost anywhere in your house. It just depends on how often she sheds.

They are one breed where older dogs sometimes have an unfortunate habit of shedding too much for comfort.

Which means they need to be brushed regularly by someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Stress

There is a reason why French Bulldog shedding can be so sudden and severe. 

Experts are now saying that stress is the number one cause of this problem, which means you need to try your best not to make them stressed in any way or else it will just continue happening.

French bulldogs shed twice as often because they are originally bred for hunting rats down low where their short legs do not allow for much jumping around. 

With all those furry little friends running around at home though, there should not be too many opportunities left without some major brushing up on french-bullying tactics.

But when things do get stressful outside like loud noises from construction sites nearby or thunderstorms rolling through town with no end in sight.

  • Allergies 

Ever wondered why your French Bulldog’s coat is constantly shedding? They might have allergies.

One of the most common reasons for a dog to start losing hair is an allergic reaction. 

The symptoms are fairly straightforward such as itchy skin, dry patches on their ears and paws, excessive licking at these areas or scratching them with their nails. 

If you notice any of those signs developing in your pet then consult a vet about options like dipping into oatmeal water as they do not work well without veterinary supervision.

But if all else fails there may be some serious issues going on which need immediate professional help.

  • Serious Medical Issues

It is no secret that French Bulldogs shed a lot, but serious medical issues may be the cause. 

The breed has been found to have skin folds on their back and thighs which develop into tangles of hair if not kept in check with regular grooming. 

If you notice any unusual smells coming from your dog’s coat or lack thereof as well as excessive shedding it could indicate underlying health problems such as allergies. 

A veterinarian visit would help diagnose these symptoms and recommend treatment options for this unique type of canine friend.

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How To Prevent French Bulldog Shedding?

The following are few of the essential tips that can save your Frenchie from shedding;

  • Bathing Or Shampoo

Puppies that are bathed and use shampoo regularly will shed less than those who don’t.

A French Bulldog’s hair is tightly knotted, which makes it difficult to remove without the help of a professional groomer or tool like a Furminator brush. 

A simple bath with dog shampoo removes oils from skin and fur, making loose hairs easier for your pup to shake off on his own.

The common misconception about bathing dogs often comes down to one word – dirt! 

Dog owners might be afraid their beloved pets will get dirty when they step out of the tub but this couldn’t be further from the truth especially if you keep soap away. 

It does not matter how much mud your puppy gets into outside.

This is one the best tool that can stop the shedding of your french bulldog;

Let’s review it in detail!


best grooming brush for french bulldog

Your pet will love this new Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush, and you’ll love the time it saves. Fur is a self-cleaning layer of insulation that helps to keep your pets warm in cold temperatures. 

But, sometimes their fur mats form and tangles just like ours do. That’s when you need our Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush.

With 9 teeth on one side for extra stubborn ones, or a 17 teeth side for smoothing fluffy coats, this dual head can be used at various lengths with different levels of pressure to help your furry friend feel fresh again from top to tail. 

You will never have trouble starting off the day with your 4-legged best friend ever again,  no matter if they are short haired!

The double-sided undercoat rake goes through all your pets fur, safely detangling and removing loose hair.

 It gently brushes out the undercoat for brushing less frequently with no damaging effects to their sensitive skin. 

This awesome brush has a small handle that is easy to grip with our non-slip silicone material and nubby design grips onto your finger even when wet for maximum control while you are scraping away at some serious shedding sessions. 

Makes a great gift idea or something just so darn useful to have in every bathroom because we all know how much it stinks when those dog hairs are floating in the air.

  • Healthy Diet

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may help to stop French bulldogs shedding.

A good way of ensuring a healthy and happy life for your french bulldog is by making sure they eat well, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and socialize with other dogs on occasion. 

One key factor which can make all the difference between an adorable pet who loves you unconditionally or one that leaves hair everywhere is their diet.

A recent study has shown that those whose diets are high in Omega 3s have less fur than others due to increased sebum production.

So if you are not already adding it into yours then now’s the time!

  • Hydration

If you are a French Bulldog owner, then the next time your pet sheds hair and leaves little tufts on every surface in sight, you will breathe an extra sigh of relief because that is all thanks to hydration.

The reason for this is simple: shedding happens when too much sebum builds up inside their skin cells.

But water helps regulate those levels so they stay well balanced.

Wrapping up!

Have you ever owned a French bulldog?They are the cutest dogs and they make great pets. 

But, how do you care for their hair that constantly sheds all over the place? We have got some tips to help

Check out these 5 ways discussed above to keep your puppy’s fur under control. Let us know if we can provide any more insight or guidance on caring for this type of breed.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1:Have you ever felt that frenchies shed too much or not enough? 

The answer could be yes, depending on the dog’s fur length. Those with short hair are less likely to experience shedding problems as those with long and thick coats will have more hairs flying around their house.

Q2:Is there a particular type of food you always give to your Frenchie to make their coat shinier? 

There is nothing like making your Frenchie happy with a tasty treat to make their coat shinier. 

Dogs have sensitive stomachs so be careful what you give them, but there are some things that always work: beef and fresh-water fish such as salmon or cod are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids which can help keep the skin supple while being rich in protein. 

For something sweet try giving your dog cooked carrots for vitamin A a necessary nutrient and beta carotene, both important nutrients for keeping the hair healthy.

Q3:If the french bulldog will not stop shedding, what do you recommend owners do during this time? 

French Bulldogs are known for being friendly dogs that shed quite often due to their constant grooming habits.

When we say “shedding,” it is not just fur. The process of hair growth also causes these little guys’ skin cells to come out in clumps as they are rubbed off by other hairs during normal movement throughout the body. 

This means you will want some good old-fashioned daily brushing sessions, plus regular baths around once per month. These two simple methods will make all those dead hairs easier on everyone.

Q4:Can a french bulldog still be hypoallergenic even if they have fur that sheds routinely even if it is just for a few short winter months?

One of the more common misconceptions about these adorable dogs is that they are not hypoallergenic. 

However, one thing you may have forgotten to account for in this equation is their fur. 

Frenchies shed year-round and it is only during a few short winter months where shedding will go down significantly but still continue at some level.

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