5 Reasons Why Do French Bulldogs Sit Funny? (Steps To Stop Them)

French bulldogs have a funny posture because they are so squishy and wrinkly. Their back end sinks low to the ground. Their front paws are up in the air, and their head is pushed forward. 

Why Do French Bulldogs Sit Funny

It is like they are always about to sit down. And it is not just because of their round bellies either.

Frenchies have short backs that make them look like they are about to topple over at any minute. But do not worry, it does not affect how much fun you can have with your pup.

Why Do French Bulldogs Sit Weird And Funny?

French Bulldogs are well known for their funny sitting positions. They often sit with their hind legs tucked underneath them. This can be attributed to an inherited trait from the French Bulldog’s ancestors. 

History suggests that they were bred in order to produce a smaller version of these powerful dogs while retaining some power as hunters.

I do not think it is anything worth worrying about because every owner I know will tell you those odd postures happen all the time. 

But there has to be something more going on behind our furry friend.

In France, the lazy way of sitting with hips and legs to one side is called a “frenchie”. It is  very similar to slouching or how frogs sit.

What To Do When Frenchie Uses Puppy Sit?

Whenever you see your Frenchie drop into a puppy’s sitting position, it might be telling of pain in their knees or back. 

french bulldog sitting funny

Whether from injury such as muscle sprain or resting to avoid an uncomfortable area, they will sit this way and when seen frequently may indicate that something is causing them discomfort. 

If not temporary then there should be treatment options available for the cause of the issue with a time rest period needed first before looking at more invasive procedures like surgery.

  • Overweight

You might be surprised to know that the breed with a reputation for being lazy and content is actually susceptible to diabetes, joint pain, and hip dysplasia. The best way you can help your pup avoid these debilitating conditions is by taking them on regular walks.

  • Spinal Issues

French bulldogs are notoriously known to suffer from spinal problems, such as hemivertebrae. 

This condition is a congenital deformity wherein one or more of the vertebrae are deformed. Oftentimes Frenchies who have this disorder show no clinical signs and can go about their lives normally. 

However, there are some dogs that do not cope with it so well which hinders them in functionality. All stemming down to an anatomical issue they were born with before we got our hands on them.

  • Knee Problems

Knee problems can be caused by a lack of proper nutrition during growth, loss of cartilage, or obesity. To prevent this from happening to your Frenchie, pay attention to the weight and make sure they eat well-balanced meals.

  • Anal Gland

Dogs spend much of their day sniffing each other’s anuses and peeing on things. You can tell they are having a good time because they just keep going back to these glands. Which, for some reason, produces liquid that smells like rotten eggs when it gets old too long in the sun. 

Strangely enough though dogs seem really attracted to this smell. Maybe there are nutrients or something inside?

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Should You Worry If Your Frenchie Sits In A Weird Way

Some people worry about how their Frenchie sits. They have a fear that if they don’t take care of the sitting issue, it will become worse over time. And cause them major problems in the future such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Do the following things to stop them from sitting weird;

  • Find The Issue

If your dog is constantly sitting funny, you may want to take him for a check-up with the vet. Your pet might be struggling with some medical disability that makes it hard to sit upright like they should.

If there is something wrong and my Frenchie can not sit up on his own, I will need someone who knows what they are doing at the vet office.

  • Discourage your Frenchie For Sitting Like This

When your Frenchie does their funny sitting position, try not to laugh or praise them. This can only encourage the behavior. And some of these positions may be undesired in public because they are often unattractive and unsightly. 

Instead, you should train him how to sit upright like a dog with sound conformation would do by correcting this undesirable behavior as soon as it is seen so that they know what correct posture looks like.

  • Offer Him A Comfort Zone

It is important to provide your Frenchie with a comfortable bed, especially if he has hip or spine problems. Orthopedic beds can help alleviate these conditions and make sure that they’re well taken care of.

What About Upright Sitting?

Dog owners would be surprised to learn that a dog sitting upright is not a natural position for them. In fact, dogs are designed to either stand or walk on all fours. 

It is actually bad for their health and can lead to back problems and other issues with their joints. 

Let’s face it, we all love when a dog sits up like they are human. It has been their superpower for years and makes them look really adorable. 

When sitting upright, dogs typically do this to release the pain that can build in their back so many of us will rush over as soon as possible with our cameras because who does not want an epic photo? 

Dogs may also copy owner behavior especially if you always sit like this too. But do not worry there is nothing wrong here. Just be sure to take your pup on regular check-ups with the vet.


So, now you know why French bulldogs sit funny. If they are not sitting pretty in your lap or on the couch with their legs stretched out in front of them. It is because they are trying to conserve energy and do not have a lot of room. It is really nothing serious, they just need some space for that cute little butt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Why do french dogs run sideways?

Some dogs may have a hard time balancing themselves at high speeds, which in turn can lead to uncontrollable wiggling and even tilting. If the dog’s rear legs are longer than their front ones. His body will tilt sideways as he runs so that these back feet do not bump into anything or anyone behind him.

Q2:Do Frenchies Walk Funny?

Your Frenchie is most likely not walking sideways. It is a common misconception that there may be some medical reasons for your Frenchie to walk this way. 

But the truth of the matter is, it could just as easily have something completely different wrong with them. The best idea you can do at this point in time to make sure everything checks out on their end and they are healthy would be by taking them over to see a vet.

Q3:Do Frenchies Sleep while sitting?

Frenchies are notoriously good sleepers. They will often sit up while they are asleep and it’s thought that this is because their ancestors were bred to guard livestock at night. So the sitting position helped them be on alert for any intruders or threats.

Q4:Why french bulldogs wake up suddenly?

These sleepy balls of fur are not only adorable but they also have a special talent: the ability to wake up suddenly, as if from nowhere. This skill is called “sudden awakening syndrome”.

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