French Bulldog Tails :Are They Cut Off or Not?Issues & fixes

It is possible to trace the roots of the French bulldog to England, the first breed being a mini variant of the bulldog. The British lace makers were so famous that they brought these little bulldogs with them when they moved to France. In France and Europe, its visibility increased. This adorable dog was found by America in 1896, and later became the “Frenchie” we call today.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the French bulldog tail has been shortened. Yeah, while it looks like it is, its tail is naturally short and have three different shapes.

French Bulldog Tails
French Bulldog Tails

Types of French Bulldog Tails:

The French bulldogs have short, stubborn, stumpy, straight down tails with a really good tip with a thick root.

It’s not known to most people that Frenchie has more tails in history. However, these fuzzy gremlins have short thick tails because of their selective reproduction. Since this race has been seen in the past of dogfighting and bull-baiting, people tried to ‘make’ a short tail frenzy. In that way, a puppy has less risk of having a tail injury. Fortunately, dogfighting is banned today, but it remains a short tail to this beautiful and affectionate breed.

In short, a French bulldog tail ideal allows the anus to be protected and not rise above the horizontal.

french bulldog screw tail

What Are The Problem Faced By French Bulldog Tails?

Dogs with short tails are sadly vulnerable to a health problem called hemivertebrae. The dog’s skeleton is damaged by a congenital disorder which leads to a variety of difficulties. The term “vertebrae” is a bent spinal cord that can compress a spinal cord of Frenchie. A dog that has hemivertebrae will show fatigue, discomfort, and urinary or menstrual incontinence in his hind limbs.

french bulldog straight tail

By the 9th-month-old, Frenchie’s usually develop hemivertebrae. It’s time for the end of their spine. Hemivertebrae will be determined as a minor condition in which the deformity is limited to only one or two vertebras and the dog shows no clinical symptoms. In other situations, the disease may get serious and impair the functioning of the dog.

Treatment of  Hemivertebrae

Radiation and physical examination can be performed to discover Hemivertebrae in French bulldogs. In addition to these two, a CT scan or MRI may be performed to figure out the diagnosis of this sort. In the majority of cases, once we talk about treatment, vets administer multiple antimicrobial drugs, while dogs with extreme pain have to undergo surgery.

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French Bulldog Tail Pocket Infection

Although the tails of Frenchie’s cover the anus, an infection will easily occur. That is why you must pay attention to daily tail cleaning as an owner of this beautiful and special breed. Each time your pooch goes to the potty, I recommend you do that. A plain wet baby wipe or a wet cloth may be used for washing.

Inflammation of the tail pocket is accompanied by raw, bloated, and itchy hair and a foul odor under the tail. Antibiotic creams can be treated if the bacterial infection happens. Remember that a French bulldog tail infection is an illness that in extreme cases will need surgery.

french bulldog with long tail

What Care Do You Pay?

The dog owners must be mindful of the health issues these short tails can create when you bring home those French bulldogs. The French typically struggle with their tails and tail pockets from various health issues.

Underneath and over the rectum is a tail pocket. No tail pockets on those Frenchie’s. The tail pocket cannot be readily cleansed like other areas of the skin due to this wrinkle. Dirt and bacteria can build up between the wrinkles and cause serious infections. These diseases can only be treated by a veterinarian. When sick, swelling, pus, thick itchy skin, and foul smell can be included with the symptoms. Such infections can endanger your Frenchie’s life and can be very painful. So, a veterinarian with an antibiotic course should treat them immediately. An operation may be prescribed in serious cases of infection. Keep your tail pocket clean and dry to discourage any contamination. Using gentle baby wipes to purify and dry the tail pockets, with a safe and soft towel. To remain infection-free, tail pockets should be washed periodically.

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A French Bulldog tail can be pretty and it is part of its character. It can trigger any complications even though it’s a good thing. It is important to be thoroughly aware of these possible problems for French Bulldog owners. In most situations, proper treatment and grooming will be a safe way to keep your Frenchie healthy. Due to the short tail, it is very easy to clean and handle the French bulldog tail. In severe conditions, surgery can be done for proper treatment of any injury or bacterial infection.

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Q.1: Is a French Bulldog has a tail?

Yes, it is sport tails for French Bulldogs. A Frenchie’s tail can be straight or cork-shaped, but it is naturally short, regardless of its form according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). A short tail tends to be easier to manage and clean than a long tail, tidy and stable, but that’s not the case.

Q.2: Why my French bulldog has a tail?

The Frenchie’s past as fighting dogs has also been one factor. Also seen in combat for puppies and bulls. In these debatable activities, long lines are a challenge, so farmers have preferred dogs with shorter tails to deter tail injury.

Q.3: Are tails docked for the French Bulldog?

Yeah, it is not a cut-off or docked French Bulldog tail. They don’t have a long tail, but rather a short, stubborn tail. The Bulldogs of French have a tail but are typically short.

Q.4: Are French bulldogs with tiny tails are born?

The French bulldog is a breed with a very short, stubborn tail protecting the anus (according to UK breed standard). Originally used to ratting French Bulldogs and this adorable short tail was given to them by selective breeding.

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