Why Do French Bulldogs Dig? What To Do Know?

French Bulldogs are notorious for their digging habits. 

They are always looking for something to do or someone to play with, and that is where the problem starts. 

why do french bulldogs dig

The truth is that they do not know how to be lazy like other breeds so many owners let them dig in the backyard because it is fun watching them get dirty.

But if this sounds like your dog, you should consider teaching him some tricks so he can take his digging energy out on a toy instead of your garden.

Why Do French Bulldogs Dig?

French Bulldogs have several reasons for digging, such as cooling off or escaping from the heat. 

They also look for prey in their environment that they can’t see easily with the naked eye.

Frenchies may use it during mating behaviour when females dig several feet deep into the earth before going to copulation position on top, so males know where she is at all times.

The following are the things that will let you know why your Frenchie digs;

  1. A Natural Instinct

In France, they call them “Frenchie diggers” because of their instinctive nature to find things buried in the dirt. 

It is not clear where this name came from, but it does make sense that these dogs have been bred for generations with a natural need.

And the ability for excavation work due to their mixed hunting skills, which are passed down through each generation like an old family tradition.

  1. They Are Bored

Dogs are just like us! They get bored sometimes, and that’s why they dig.

Dogs can be very creative when it comes to finding activities for themselves, but some dogs may need more than their human companions. 

Know-how offers them in order to find fun things around the house or outside of it,  which is where their digging skills come into play. 

Dogs love playing catch with anything from sticks or even an old shoe, rolling over on those favorite blankets after stopping voluntarily to let go so you could scrub your sole.

  1. Frustration

Frenchie feels like a trapped animal that needs to get out from under the weight of all its frustration and anger. 

It is an outlet for release, but it can also be seen as digging because animals in nature do what they must when their lives depend on escaping danger or death by suffocation.

Frenchie does not want their life to be spent being stuck down here so he/she might find something better up above.

  1. Burying A Bone Or Toy

Some dogs will literally dig for bones or toys.

Frenchie is one of these types, which makes sense because she’s so cute.

She loves playing with her toy and hiding them in holes like this old tree stump out front where we often go on walks together as friends do.

  1. Finding Something Interesting

The Frenchie is always on the lookout for something new and interesting. 

They will stop what they are doing if you ask them to show their find, but it is usually more than just an ordinary rock or coin in that dog-eared collar around its neck.

So next time your pup starts digging through those old boxes by our back door or even better.

Do not be surprised; give this furry friend a pat of encouragement because all dogs need love too.

How To Stop Frenchies From Digging?

The following are some of the techniques that can stop your little friend from digging;

  1. Trimmed Nails

Your dog should never be allowed to go without a walk, and trimming nails can help prevent them from digging. 

Trimming also helps you in the long run by preventing blisters, infections, or other problems that come with untrimmed digits.

  1. Designated Digging Area

The best way to avoid the digging problem is by providing your pup with an area that is his personal oasis. 

You can do this by either using potting soil or decomposed granite for planting flowers, trees, and weeds-whatever he likes.

The more territory they have under control in one place makes them feel more secure as well, which will make their fur healthy due to reduced scratching.

  1. More Exercise And Playtime

Give your French bulldog more exercise and playtime outside to save him from digging.

The best way you can help is by giving our pup the opportunity for mental stimulation so that he’s not stuck inside all day long.

Leave doors closed when possible, go on walks with Fido at least once per hour even if it rains, take them out into an enclosed yard or even just around their own neighbourhood.

These activities will provide plenty of fresh air while letting dogs explore what is right in front of their nose.

  1.  Add Some Dirt Or Sand

Frenchies love to dig, and in the process, they will make a mess. 

To save yourself from having dirty laundry roll around on your floor for days, at least try adding some earth or sand into their bedding.

So that when someone does happen across them digging through it all day long, he will not be able to get too far without getting stuck down something sharp.

  1. Enough Water And Food

It is important to make sure your furry friend has enough water and food each day. A dog or cat in the wild is usually able to drink up about 60% of its body weight every day.

If you do not provide them with any extra fluids, their bowls will be dry by morning time, so put down some fresh drinking sources for these thirsty pups.

  1. Check With A Vet

French bulldogs can be stubborn and hard to train, but you do not have to worry if it is time for your Frenchie’s annual check-up. 

A vet will let their patients go through a quick exam so that they are sure of any possible health problems before starting training or other treatments on an animal in need thereof.

Wrapping Up!

We hope our blog post has helped you understand why do french bulldogs dig. 

This is a common question that many people have, but the answer may not be as simple as it seems.

 If these are questions about your dog or any other pet behavior, please get in touch with us here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of activity would you recommend for an energetic Frenchie? 

Q1: What type of activity would you recommend for an energetic Frenchie? 

Fetch games can keep your pet busy all day long and give them something positive to do while also taking care of their mental health needs with the release from chasing after objects that come into range.

Like other pets or people walking past with bags full of toys, they are happy dropping by share on occasion too.

Q2: Why are Frenchies considered “naughty” dogs?

French bulldogs are commonly known as a “naughty” breed of dog because their owner’s favorite past-time is chewing on everything in sight and being extremely stubborn.

The French Hound has been identified by many people as one that likes to act quickly without hesitation or consideration for their surroundings, but this does not make them any less adorable.

Q3: Why do French Bulldogs dig so much? 

French Bulldogs are underground diggers, so they have an irresistible urge to tunnel.

They also enjoy scratching around for treasure in their outside world, and this usually includes digging up plants that could be used for making potting soil or actually just sitting on top of them mindlessly until someone trips over it.

Q4: Do Frenchies feel the need to excavate in order to find food or is it just for fun? 

Dogs are known for their sense of smell and digging around in search of food. I am not sure why French Bulldogs would do this, but it is something that has been noticed by many pet owners over time.