Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper? (Tips To Clam Down)

You know I am a bit worried not for the Frenchie but for you. Having a French bulldog is a big responsibility not everyone can take. They are very hard to control and likely very funny too. You can see many new to new funny videos of these Frenchies.

Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper

The only problem is that’s not all true. Yes, they are funny but many people are shocked because they are very hard to handle. That they were so nice on the internet but they are so hyper now.

These Frenchies might look cute but can become a headache. This is because they can be extra active sometimes. They stay like this for almost all of their lives. So many dog owners give them a lot of exercise and due to this, they get tired.

These pets are naturally attention seekers so they require a lot of attention. When they sleep they sleep for a lot of hours. As they get tired from all that running around. After they wake up they are going to do the usual.

How Much The French Bulldog Can Get Overactive?

There is no doubt that this is a really extra energized breed. They like to run and are so much into it that they never want to stop. As they use a large amount of their energy so it is bad for them that they get tired very soon. They are funny as pups and as an adult. This unique dog breed has a fresh and young spirit. We had to all our things away because he wanted to eat them or either put an end to them.

Nope! You haven’t seen anything yet. When it is a puppy it is even harder to control it. It is the most energized stage of Frenchie’s life. The couple gave us this list of examples. So we get to know how to cooperate with them in the first few months.

Are Frenchies More Overactive Than Puppies?

Well, what did you expect? They are much energized as puppies!

 They have a much-energized level and demolition habits. So I think the first few months will be the best for them and you not so sure. They are growing pups and don’t even know a little bit about the world. So yeah they would be very adventurous. 

They are very energetic so I don’t think they would stay long in your house. Most probably they would want to go out and explore. They are likely trying to know you and the world.

ADHD in French Bulldogs:

There are no cases reported for ADHD in French bulldogs but still, minimal symptoms are seen in many cases. Those dogs are treated in some other manner such as they get hyperactive but we call that a hyperkinesia process. This disorder is a little bit different from the human’s.

There are so many medicines that can make them normal in this condition. But still, you need to give them full attention as this all is caused by attention spans. They get over control and also you can take them for some exercise.

A Frenchie Can Be Destructive:

Why not? A French bulldog can be destructive and this is a very serious thing that can even bother a new Frenchie owner. So before bringing them home you need to know all of the habits and things related to them.

I know how much you guys want a French bulldog but you must be warned. You need to be prepared for what the Frenchie would do as a destructor machine. They are more of a destroyer as pups. To stop this madness you need to take good care of it.

french bulldog aggression

You need to train it and take full care of him. They should be properly looked after so they don’t do take these habits into further life.

They are attention seekers so they don’t just stay alone instead they enjoy most of their time with people. Here’s a tip never leave your Frenchie alone for a long time unless you want a destroyed house.

Annoying Habits of French bulldogs:

   1.Biting And Chewing:

These furry friends of yours can be a chewing machine sometimes. Mostly as puppies, they like to chew whatever they can find. You can say they are a bit like our human babies putting everything in their mouths.

Their baby teethes start to grow when they are about 2 to 3 weeks old. Then in almost 12 months their adult teethes should start to come out. In almost 7 to 8 months the teething should probably stop. So I am going to recommend that in this period of time you should bring them their own chewing toys. They wouldn’t mess with your things.

There are good news guys. The good news is that your furry friend will not chew anything anymore after 8 months. But in the time between you might want to keep all the stuff that you don’t want to be chewed. Put all that stuff away from your Frenchie.

The most common and most horrible complaint of these Frenchies is that the pet owners say that they destroy all our stuff and are super hard to control.

   2.Digging And Destroying Garden:

Your Frenchie is a born digger. He just wants to dig as deep as he can. When a couple brought a Claude Frenchie he would just dig holes and destroy the garden. So they had to keep an I on him and stop him. They also said when we tried to catch him he thought that we were playing with him. He just ran all around the house playing tag. They are so hyper and hard to catch. 

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How Would A French Bulldog Calm Down?

So let me tell you a way you can get your Frenchie to stop chewing on your thing. One way is that you can start by giving him his own chewing toy to chew on. This way he won’t be chewing on any of your stuff. There is also good news that through a test it has been said that they stop chewing. In about 8 months they are going to stop chewing on your stuff. It is also said that their hyper activeness also reduces throughout that time.

Most pet owners ask us if these French bulldogs ever chill down? I have the answer you seek. That is yes, they can start to calm down. Their huge amount of energy reduces as they get older and become adults. They would start to calm down in between 4 to 9 months. After this period of time, they will use less amount of energy and be easy to control.

Here’s an advice for you sonny. Never let your guard down especially when you have a Frenchie as a pet. The adult French bulldog might be less energetic than a puppy but can still cause problems.  Even as an adult he will still sleep for only 12 hours. After waking up they will do a lot of things just like they did as puppies.

See our in depth article of how to calm frenchies.

Why are Frenchies High In Energy?

French bulldogs mostly stay awake and spend most of their time in energetic activities. So you should probably have fun with them in the day when they are awake. They also sleep a lot so they are famous for lazy breeds. Wait! What all that destruction and still a lazy breed. Yeah, they can be very lazy sometimes but that’s not all true. You are going to make them a part of your timetable. If you don’t then they will just rip your house apart with no pressure right. So what are you waiting for go and spend time with them?


French bulldogs get hyperactive many of the time and can also cause destruction. But there are some of the things which can make them back to normal. Most of their mood swings get normal with time as they grew older and they learn to calm down.

If you want to get a French bulldog to your house as a pet then the aforementioned detail will be really helpful for you. You can know all of the pros and cons of keeping them as a pet. And if you have them then take good care of them and spend some quality time with them it will boost up their mood.


Q1:Why my French bulldog is so destructive?

A French bulldog can have some anger issues or they may get hyperactive due to so many reasons. But in that case, it is important to control them somehow otherwise they can be destructive. There are certain reasons which make them angry and destructive at the same time such as; getting less food, having over energy in their bodies, and many others. Moreover, if you see in certain ages their mood is get affected which is not a good thing.

Q2:How to stop my French bulldog from chewing?

If your Frenchies are in the age of teething then they may start chewing and destroying your sofas, plants, and many other things. This activity is quite normal. They are called the big chewers as they chew and destroy a lot of things.

They chew and get the taste of different food items. To save your things from them you can give them some teething toys this will help you to save your things from them.

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