Curious Cook’s Guide To Why French Bulldogs Burrow?

If you own a French Bulldog, chances are that you have woken up to your dog burrowing under the covers and snuggling with you. 

Why French Bulldogs Burrow

This is because they instinctively want to keep warm and safe like their ancestors who would dig dens in the dirt or stay in caves during winter months. 

You might think it is cute now, but when your pup starts digging through all of your clothes and sheets, it can be frustrating.

But do not worry!

we have some tips for how to stop them from burrowing. 

French Bulldogs were originally bred as ratters and then later as companion dogs due to their loyal nature and need for lots of human contacts. 

Why Do French Bulldog Burrow?

French Bulldogs have a natural instinct of burrowing, so they often seek out their favourite place to be.

The following are some of the reasons that will let you know why your little friend likes to  burrow;

  1. Companion To Human

Since French bulldogs are bred to be companion dogs, they have a strong instinctive need for companionship. 

To meet this deep rooted desire for human interaction and comfort, the dog will often burrow under sheets or duvets in an attempt to mimic sleeping with a person.

  1. Desire To Burrow Into Soft Things

French Bulldogs have an instinctual desire to burrow into soft things, so they will often choose a pillow or blanket and push their nose under it.

Frenchies burrow because of their innate need for comfort that can sometimes lead them to nuzzle up against a comfy surface like your favourite pillow or the corner of this couch during nap time.

  1. Personality Traits

Frenchies are known to be an affectionate breed. 

They love being around people and want a lot of attention from their owners, which is why French bulldogs often burrow under covers or pillows while they sleep.

Frenchies have been described as having the perfect dog personality. 

Fun-loving but not too hyper, loyal yet independent enough that they can entertain themselves when left alone for long periods of time at home all day with no one other than another pet in sight. 

This desire for independence means French Bulldogs will enjoy taking care of business outside on walks rather than making messes indoors where you might step it accidentally later without even realising what happened.

  1. Security And Comfort

Frenchie is a natural homebody, and to make itself feel cosy in the wilds it creates burrows. These little homes can be up to six feet long with multiple entrances for Frenchie’s comfort.

  1. Sound Sleeping

French bulldogs, as one of the breeds that tend to snore and gasp due to their short nostrils, can be quite troublesome.

However, there is an option for those who want peace at night without having some other pet in bed with them or being awoken by loud breathing when they are trying hard enough, just not hearing it a Frenchie burrow! 

This little contraption has proved itself effective in decreasing sleep disturbances among its users because Frenchies love putting themselves into tight spaces.

Where they feel secure hence making them more willing participants compared to if you ask me keep quiet so everyone else may get some much-needed rest also.

  1. Attachment with the Owner

The Frenchie is known for its bond with the owner, so it’s no surprise that this dog burrows to feel secure. Burrowing helps them form a strong connection and provides comfort in times of stress or fear.

How To Stop Them From Burrowing?

French bulldogs are known for their ability to dig large holes in the backyard. This may be due to a combination of several factors such as boredom, restlessness and lack of exercise or stimulation. 

They also like warm places which is why they often burrow under blankets on cold days.

Let’s know in detail;

  1. Buy A Dog Bed

French bulldogs are known for digging holes in the backyard, inside furniture and even into your couch cushions. 

The best way to stop Frenchies from burrowing is a dog bed that is made of concrete mesh fabric which makes it difficult for them to dig through or chew their way out due its durability. 

This type of material can also help with potty training as they will have no desire to “dig” when using the bathroom if there’s an appropriate place provided by you.

  1. Own Space

When your dog is in their crate, it is important to make sure they have enough room. If space becomes too limited, French Bulldogs are likely to burrow underneath the sides of the kennel and escape.

If you are getting a new puppy or adopting an older one that is not used to being crated yet, try giving them more playtime outside of their crates first before locking them up for extended periods at night so they learn what it feels like on both ends. 

  1. Plenty Of Toys

French bulldogs are known for their ability to burrow under couches and tables. 

If you own a French bulldog, make sure your pet has plenty of toys so it can stay entertained when out on its own during the day or while you’re away from home at night.

To stop Frenchies from digging under fences, give them plenty of toys to play with. 

This will make the dog tired and prevent it from trying to escape by burrowing beneath your fence line.

  1. Enough Exercise

French bulldogs are a breed that loves to dig holes. 

This can be both entertaining and annoying for owners, especially if their dog is digging in the garden or at home.

The breed loves chasing animals, so you may also see your Frenchie engaging with other pets such as rabbits when it is outside. 

While they are super cute, there are ways of stopping them from burrowing too much, which might damage furniture inside but most importantly will put an end to their destructive behaviour by keeping them fit.

  1. Lay down blankets or towel

To stop your furry little friend from digging holes in the floor, lay down a couple blankets or towels over any surface you want to protect.

Wrapping Up!

In addition to being lazy, french bulldogs have a natural instinct to burrow in warm places. 

They do this because it helps them regulate their body temperature and keep warm during the colder months of winter. 

Frenchies also love to sleep under blankets so they can stay cozy all day long. We hope you learned something new about these adorable pups today.

Let us know what your favorite thing is about french bullhounds or if there is anything else we should add to our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How do french bulldogs come to love burrowing? 

In the beginning of a french bulldog’s life, they are not very interested in burrowing. 

As time goes on and you win them over with cuddles and treats though, their love for digging into blankets or pillows can be matched only by that special someone who will stay up all night to keep your feet warm.

Q2:Do they usually burrow themselves in blankets or rolls of carpeting? 

French bulldogs are known for their distinctive wrinkles and rolls of skin, both on the body as well as around joints. Frenchies have a shorter muzzle than other dogs which makes it difficult to breathe in extreme weather conditions or when they overheat.

Q3:Does your dog prefer a blanket or a sweater gnawing on it as its toy? 

Dogs can be picky when it comes to toys. Whether they prefer a blanket or sweater is up for debate, but there are things that their owners can do in order to make fetch more fun.

Q4:What are some ways that you incentivize frenchies to stop digging into their preferred item?

There are several ways to incentivize your french bulldog from digging into their favorite item. 

One way is by using a spray bottle with water in it, when they start digging use the spray bottle and give them praise afterwards once you see that this method has worked begin rewarding good behavior instead of punishment for bad behavior. 

Another option would be giving treats or toys as positive reinforcement after he stops trying to dig up his toy.