Why Do French Bulldogs Rub Themselves? The Science Behind It

Have you ever seen one of your French bulldogs rubbing their face on the side of a couch? Maybe they’re trying to scratch an itch that’s driving them crazy. 

They might also be marking their territory or giving themselves a bath. It could even just be that they like the way it feels. But whatever the reason is, there are plenty of good reasons for why your dog does this and what you can do about it.  

Why Do French Bulldogs Rub Themselves

This blog post will provide some insight into how dogs behave when they rub themselves. Moreover, what we can do to help them out.

Let’s find out!

Why Do French Bulldogs Rub Themselves?

French Bulldogs are unable to reach certain areas of their body, such as bums and ears. Due to this issue they have a tendency to develop mites. Which can lead them on a long journey towards an ear infection or worse yet  going deaf

That’s something serious!

The French Bulldog is a domestic breed that was originally bred to become an excellent companion animal. 

However, they are also known for having some unique and embarrassing characteristics.

For example, the male cannot clean his private parts so he has to rub it with its paws. While females have trouble licking their vulva due to being unable to stretch down far enough on their own.

Let’s find more reasons why Frenchies rub themselves!

  • Wanting a new scent on their body

The French Bulldog is an interesting creature. They will roll on their backs to show submission. But they also rub themselves in the dirt or other icky substances when it suits them.

No matter what we think of as stinky, these strange creatures love rolling around in anything and everything-from mud puddles to trash bins.

What I Found Was Strange

I always knew it was weird when I saw pictures of dogs rolling around with stinky things. Such as garbage or rotten food but never did I think about how much they might enjoy this stuff.

  • Masturbation

When you consider the idea that your canine companion might be masturbating, it can seem a little off-putting. 

But if they do happen to engage in this activity for pleasure after being neutered or spayed, there are numerous ways. 

Dogs go about satisfying themselves sexually.

Some male and female pets have even been seen mounting other animals of their own species.. 

When sex drive is high because doing so has become associated with an orgasmic feeling from masturbation . 

There is also speculation around whether some types of dog toys could provide physical stimulation. However, that leads to sexual gratification due to constant pressure on sensitive areas like paws and jaws.

  • Food Allergies

A French Bulldog may experience food allergies that can lead to inflammation, infection, and even internal anatomy-related issues. 

Dogs with these types of allergies are known for their gassy tendencies anyway.

And something else you might not know is if your dog has been rubbing themselves excessively without any other signs or symptoms then they could have a grain allergy too.

Nevertheless,  that would involve itchy skin as well.

  • It May Be An Infection

There are many reasons why your Frenchie is feeling the discomfort of an infection or UTI, but they usually stem from his inability to reach it with their mouth. 

They might need relief and more often than not that comes in a form similar to rubbing one’s genitals on another object.

  • Is It Skin Infection?

Frenchies are susceptible to many different skin infections. 

Lip fold pyoderma, which is often just a result of your Frenchie’s excessive drooling and snoring from their fat mouth.

You may also find that they have an ear or foot infection due to the same issue with moisture in these areas.

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Rubbing Against The Owner

Frenchies are known for their ability to find the perfect spot and then mark it with a spray of scent. 

This way, they can let other dogs know that this is theirs.

When Frenchies run up against furniture or walls in your home, don’t be surprised – you’re one lucky dog if he does so because these scents say “I love being around my human!”

Assist Your Frenchies Cleaning Themselves

French Bulldogs are typically a neat and clean-looking breed.

But this is often because their owners work hard behind the scenes to help these anatomically challenged dogs keep themselves tidy. 

french bulldog playing with himself

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of grooming tasks that can be done on a regular basis:

  • Cleaning ears 
  • Brushing teeth 
  • Exercising anal glands (emptying) 

Washing paws or belly area with soap and water before applying topical antifungal medication as needed in between baths at least every two weeks if not weekly.

Bathing frequently without shampooing unless necessary due to matting caused by skin conditions.

 Like allergies resulting from food sensitivities which should then also require brushing afterwards using dog ear cleaner solution diluted with 50%.


I hope this discussion has helped you understand the reasons why frenchies rub themselves. And maybe even answer some of your own questions. 

What is your experience with these dogs? We love hearing from our readers.

Leave us a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why do french bulldogs rub themselves on surfaces?

They say the way a dog greets is a good indicator of personality and temperament. If your French Bulldog rubs himself on furniture or walls, he’s making sure his territory smells just like him.

Q2: Do you think this type of behavior could be some form of comfort for the dog or does he simply enjoy himself by rubbing against something?

Yes or maybe no as well! There must be other reasons as well when they begin to rub themselves. Sometimes, they may feel comfortable or enjoying it, but it can be something that may irritate the Frenchies as well.

Q3: Why does Frenchie rub his face against the carpet?

One of the many reasons a family pet might rub its face on something is because it feels good. The sensation may be due to wet or dirty fur, pain from an injury in that area, irritation caused by flea bites and allergies, or simply for no discernible reason at all.

Q4: What to do to stop the itching of the dog?

Apple cider vinegar is a safe, natural remedy for dry skin. Many people swear by it and use apple cider vinegar to treat especially troublesome areas as well. If you have sensitive skin or open cuts where the ACV may cause irritation, dilute the apple cider with water. You should do this practice before using in order to avoid any adverse reactions.

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