When Do French Bulldogs Calm Down? 7 Tips To Calm Down

French bulldogs are very sensitive yet strong animals. They have more energy in their bodies when they are young. Saying this would be wrong that they do not need exercise because they really need to be fit and active.

As compared to humans these dogs have more energy and power and due to this, it is quite difficult for a normal person to handle them.

When Do French Bulldogs Calm Down

When Do French Bulldogs Calm Down?

Taking care of a Frenchie is a hard task. If you are having a French bulldog like me then you may also know that how hectic it becomes most of the time. Running after them and taking care of their needs and moods comes at the top of the responsibility list.

Mood swings are one of the bad habits of French bulldogs. They get angry as they are really possessive about their owners. Sometimes you may get fed up with their habits.

But despite all these things, it is good that they do not keep their anger, excitement, and mood swings for as much time. And when they calm down there is a totally different mood you will find to see.

Without any doubt, they are lovely doggies!

You will notice with time that your little French bulldog starts to control his emotions as he grows older. From about 2 or 3 years they would probably start to just chill and accept.

More like go with the flow!

But in some places, It might take 4 to 5 years but that’s not often. They stop rushing and cool down. Most Frenchie owners say that we have come up with a way to calm our furry friend.

It’s by giving them a cute chew, spongy toy to play with. They can spend all their energy on that so they stay a bit above your energy level.

Many people might think this is a bad thing but it’s not really. Actually is a sign that your Frenchie is in tiptop shape. He is ready to play with you and tease you while you’re working` This is all just the happy Frenchie’s nature.

They like to bark and try to get your attention, being very energetic or running everywhere in the house. The painting of their butt is common.

You know that once they are relaxed you might be able to overcome them. This is when they have a lot of energy stored in them. I think more energy is better than less. Also due to they are very energetic-natured. I don’t think they need to hit the gym anytime soon.

Are Frenchies Calmer Than Another Breed?

It is very common for people to buy them. So if you have ever met one before you would probably know about their various qualities like intelligence and cuteness. Yeah, don’t be afraid!

What? Why?

Well, some people are afraid to buy because they might have heard that they can be very violent. So don’t be because it is a really uncommon behavior.

These cute friends of yours can be very active as small puppies. I wouldn’t say the same for adults. They are a bit more of a chill type than other breeds of dogs. These are very unique dogs. Little French bulldogs are cute, intelligent, and active.

But they aren’t all that energetic as people actually think they are. In fact, they can be very calm and easygoing. They are very sociable too and can be aware of whatever happens in their surroundings. But don’t think they will bark like really crazy dogs. In fact, they would just go with a flow.

Reasons Why Frenchies Becomes Hyperactive:

There are some of the reasons which make them hyper and all of this can bring a lot of problems for you. So you need to have a look at these as they will help you understand the psyche of your little friend.

Why Frenchies Becomes Hyperactive
  • Fear:

If they are scared of something or just get afraid for some time after seeing something then they will keep on barking and will act strange. At that point, a new owner can get hyper on them too but believe me this is not the solution at all.

You need to make them calm and show love to them. This will help you make them act normal. Give them good food and try to divert their attention in that case.

  • Boredom:

One of the reasons could be boredom if they are getting bored then they will irritate you while barking and doing some other such stuff. All they need at that time is your attention and this will boost up their mood and they will get cheered up.

Play with them; give them some indulging toys and games. Try to spend more and more time with them. This will make their mood fresh and will strengthen your bond with them.

  • Exercise:

Your little French bulldogs need your attention and love but in addition to this, they need physical exercise which can affect their mood as well. Keep a thing in mind that excess of anything is bad for health.

You need to take them to exercise not very hard ones but still, you can take them to walk and many other such activities can be done.

They have energy stored in their body and to release that they start getting aggressive and can even bite you sometimes. Their body requires some activities which can make them feel better otherwise they show them in their moods.

Moreover, if you do not indulge them in exercise and stuff like that then they will surely get hyperactive and this can result in your bad mood and you may get annoyed too.

But there is another thing that you should not take them for heavy exercise otherwise this can also make them aggressive when they will get tired.

  • Food:

Food plays a vital role in your French bulldog’s mood and health. If you do not give them food on time then they will act weirdly and this will bother you a lot.

Additionally, if they do not get their required quantity of food to fulfill their hunger then this is also one of the factors which are caused due to food.

So give them food according to their needs and requirement this will help you in so many ways as it will make your French bulldog’s mood good for a longer time. If they do not get the food they like then again they can cause problems for you. They do not accept anything which is off to their demand and mood.  So you need to take care of this thing too.

As in food quality and quantity both matter a lot!

So, try to give them healthy and their favorite food to eat it will solve many of their mood issues and will keep them fresh and active.

Useful Techniques To Calm Your Frenchie:

There are so many techniques which can help you to make them in good mood and bring them back to normal. If you are a new owner then scroll down to know a lot more about them and this will help you in the long run;

  • Get those good training and you need them to learn how to socialize with other people and dogs.
  • Take them for regular exercises and do not miss any day without taking them for a walk.
  • Get the food of their choice and try to give a balanced proportion because less food can make their mood even worse.
  • Take care of their mental health. Give them some activities to do. You can get them some toys to play with or you can even spend a good time with them.
  • Try to change their food if they get annoyed by the previous one this will boost up their mood.
  • Do not give them more spices and sugar because your dogs cannot digest it properly. And this will get them and you into trouble which no one is willing for so take care of them.
  • While playing games you can reward them. it could be a food item or a toy or even you can take them out as a reward.


So we can say that not all French bulldogs face hyper issues. But most of them have such kinds of problems before adulthood so it is kind of a normal thing.

Additionally, if you are having problems in tackling with them in the time they have anger issues or mood swings then you just need to be patient. And you will be sorted!


Q1:How to calm your French bulldogs?

Firstly you need to get them trained well. After that see what things are bothering them and if possible then try to remove those things. Moreover, you can take care of the other things which can make their mood better. And above all deal them with care and love!

Q2:Why do Frenchies go crazy?

Whenever they get over excited or they get angry about something you will feel as if they have gone crazy. In this situation, you need to be patient and handle them with love and care. Only your love and care can make their mood good and can bring it back to normal.

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