What Human Food Can French Bulldogs Eat?

Most of the French bulldogs have very sensitive stomachs due to which it is really important to take good care of the food they eat. If you are the owner of a Frenchie and want to know all of the things you can feed your little dogs then do not waste more time and scroll down;

You might have noticed that your dog gets sick or may start vomiting after eating your leftover food. This happens many times and especially if you have newly kept them as pets. All of these things are really very common.

What Human Food Can French Bulldogs Eat

You need to concentrate on the food you are feeding them, all of the pros and cons of feeling a thing should be known to you.

If you are really serious about their health and feeding good food to them then it is important to know everything about their diet and other requirements. It will help you to reduce the chances of them getting sicker.

Here I will mention all of the foods which are and are not for your Frenchies. The food they eat might be unhealthy for them which is big trouble for sure.

Keep reading to know all of the important aspects of feeding a French bulldog safely!

What Human Food Can French Bulldogs Eat?

We as a human has a great metabolism system we can easily digest complex food item whereas our dogs and many other pets cannot do so. Though Frenchies are omnivores like us but still not every food we eat is made for them.

You can feed them with fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat as well but after knowing that what is good for them and what is not. The best choice for them to eat would be the mixture of almost all of these things but in a balanced quantity.

By doing this all of their nutritional requirements will be filled up efficiently. Let’s talk about some of the food items which you can give them without thinking again and again.


Meat is no doubt a good option for your lovely little Frenchies. You can give them chicken and beef whatever is available.

Meat has a lot of protein in it. And your dogs really need them to grow stronger and healthier. But do not forget to keep a check that what kind of protein you are going to add to your Frenchies diet.


Make sure that you may not overfeed them or give them excessive food. And the most important thing to take care of is that you are not supposed to give them greasy meat. Such as do not cook meat in oil for them to keep it as light as you can.


Many of the pets like easting dairy products including cheese. And luckily for a Frenchie, it is considered to be one of the best options out there. Cheese is a rich source of calcium and protein and all of the vital nutrients which help in the growth of a dog.

It has a good amount of vitamin B in it and also it has a rich amount of unsaturated fats.  It plays a vital role in your dog’s growth without any doubt.

Moreover, in many cases, it has been observed that cheese is not for all kinds of dogs. For example, it may not suit your dog as well if it is allergic to lactose intake. Particularly for such dogs many of the vets suggest avoiding cheddar cheese in their diet.

Okay! This does not mean that you cannot give them cheddar cheese at all but you can add a little bit of it to the daily food they eat. This would definitely not harm them as much.


Interestingly, fish is again a rich source of so many healthy and vital nutrients which helps your dog’s growing healthier and stronger. It is a great source of Omega 3 unsaturated fats which is very good to add to the diet.


Including salmon and tuna, much other fish are good for Frenchies to eat. With this, your French bulldogs will have a nice and bloomed coat which is amazing. Fish intake makes their skin very healthy and also improves their eyesight. Moreover, it makes them more active and fresh.

You must add fish to their diet for sure!

But still, keep this thing in mind that the more you feed them the more their stomach will get upset. Keep quantity and quality in mind.


You can simply add rice to your French bulldog’s daily feed. These lovely dogs love eating rice and pasta as well. The greasy and traditionally made rice is a big no for a Frenchie because these dogs cannot digest such complex food items.

You can either give them the simple and plain boiled rice because this does not harm them in any way which is a good thing.

Their stomach is a little sensitive so many of them cannot digest many of the complexed or processed food items.


Pumpkins are very good to add to your French bulldog’s diet. They are an amazing source of fiber. Fiber plays a vital role in strengthening the muscles of your dog. Pumpkin moreover has so many essential nutrients in it such as potassium, iron, and vitamin A and C.

can french bulldog eat fruits and vegetables

It is a perfect meal for your French bulldogs as it will cover up all of their required nutrients. Always give fresh food to your dogs because canned food has so many preservatives which are harmful to your dog’s health.


There is no problem in feeding popcorns while you are eating. You can give popcorns to your French bulldogs. But check them before and if they are salted then they are not safe for them. Do not give them the flavored popcorns as it may harm their health.

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Food Which Is Not For Frenchies To Eat:

Your furry Frenchie friend is a hungry fellow and will eat anything that comes in its view. Usually, normal human food is not harmful but rather tasty for your Frenchie.

But some human foods can be poisonous to them. So to take good care of your French health you need to know what foods are good for it.

So let me tell you all of the foods that are not good for your Frenchie. Some are rather not toxic but bad for their health.

There are numerous amounts of food items that humans can buy that are harmful to your French bulldog. To be precise you should contact a vet for help. They will tell you all about what you should and shouldn’t feed it.

Chocolates And Candies:

Chocolate isn’t the best choice for feeding your Frenchie. This is because the chocolate bar includes a substance that is poisonous to your Frenchie.

It is called theobromine and it can cause a bit of damage to your Frenchie’s body. If you feed them too much of this they will experience irregular heartbeats, shocks, stroke, and can cause death.


Moreover, dark chocolate is considered to be more dangerous than milk chocolates so avoid feeding dark chocolate to your dogs.

Garlic And Onions:

Onions and garlic are somehow toxic for your little French bulldogs. In every way, they harm their health. They can consume them at all, neither cooked nor raw.

It may upset their stomach and then you as an owner would have to suffer.

Gums And Artificial Sweeteners:

Xylitol is harmful to a Frenchie’s health. It is present in almost all canned foods and also in gums and chocolates. It can damage their digestive system which is hilarious.

Concluding Thoughts:

After this extensive article, you might have come up with all of the answers to your questions. I hope that this will help you to your way of taking good care of your lovely little French bulldogs.

If you will feed them with good food which they also like to eat then it will strengthen them and your bond with your pet internally. You can get a good understanding of their needs and requirements which will make you a good owner.

Moreover, it depends upon your dog that what kind of food they like to eat and whatnot. Also do not forget to take care of their allergies because afterward, it makes a really bad mess.

Good luck to the new owners of cute little Frenchies!


Q1:Can I give bread to my French bulldog?

If you see your pet very lean and slim then the bread is not at all a bad option for them. There is a rich source of carbohydrates in bread which can help them to gain a little bit of weight.

Many of the vets forbid adding complex and processed food items in a Frenchie’s diet as it is not good for their sensitive stomach. You can feed them bread but keep in mind that you do not over-feed them with such food items as it can harm them anyhow.

Q2:Is chicken poisonous for Frenchies?

No! Chicken is a source of protein and protein is very good for a Frenchie’s growth. You should give them chicken as it will not harm them but make sure that you cook it before giving them.

The raw chicken may infect them with various bacteria. Other than this add a balanced quantity of chicken to their diet.

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