Mini French Bulldog:Miniature Complete Guide

A French Bulldog is a lovely breed, even smaller body. The Mini French Bulldog presents us with a heavy-boned breed, bearing all the attractive and appealing qualities of the regular-sized French Bulldog.

The miniature French Bulldog is a perfect addition to every family and is highly affectionate and easy-to-go. This puppy is incredibly adaptable, which ensures that almost anybody can own this breed since they are ideal for all various styles of apartments! Fortunately, their exercise requirements are minimal because of their small size, but what else do you need to know about this type?

What is a Mini French Bulldog?

A Mini French Bulldog is not an approved breed of any sort. This variant of the regular French Bulldog has been raised to be somewhat smaller than average. As teenagers, teacup French Bulldogs can rise to less than 11 inches tall and weigh less than 28 pounds. This can, though, differ based on the procedure used for breeding them.

Mini French Bulldog
Mini French Bulldog

The Mini Frenchie, sadly, is quite an unhealthy breed. It suffers from the same conformational problems as the regular Frenchie but has specific difficulties due to its scale.

Where are the Mini French Bulldogs coming from?

There is no mini variant of the French Bulldog, as we have described because there is no official Mini French Bulldog breed. So, what precisely is the French Bulldog in miniature? Why are breeders making the miniature variant of the Frenchie?

There are three methods of producing a Mini French Bulldog, each with its benefits and disadvantages.

1: By Crossbreeding

The first approach that anyone would attempt to make a French Bulldog teacup is to crossbreed a regular French Bulldog with a new, smaller dog breed. This approach is the perfect way to grow a smaller dog that is stable. In the gene stream, this broadens genetic variation.

Mixed breed puppies, though, can inherit from their two parents some mixture of characteristics. Therefore, indisposition or appearance, a crossbred teacup French Bulldog may be more like the other, smaller type used.

Here are some examples of popular Frenchie combinations that might yield a smaller breed.

2: By the method of Dwarfism

Cultivating the hereditary defect for canine Dwarfism is the second strategy for developing miniature or teacup puppies. More than half of the studied Frenchie’s are already suffering from chondrodystrophy in OFA studies, a type of Dwarfism. Oversized heads and narrow pelvises are included in this type of Dwarfism.

Unfortunately, at Frenchie’s, this leads to a variety of health problems. To render Frenchie’s much smaller, breeders will attempt to add a certain kind of Dwarfism. This suggests that two types of this conformational problem can end up with certain pets.

3: Breed with Small Frenchie’s

The final technique to build a French Bulldog teacup is to breed litter runts with each other. This strategy aims for the youngest puppies to transfer their tiny size on to potential generations. Runts are the youngest of a litter of species. In addition to the small scale, poor health may be a concern for runts.

The larger and stronger littermates of a runt can impede appropriate access to the mother’s milk from having it, contributing to starvation and a poorly formed immune system. Repeated breeding in litters of the smallest and weakest animals can contribute to poor health in the offspring.

Alternatively, by portraying them as miniature and attempting to make them sound unique, a disreputable breeder with a litter of “normal” Frenchie’s might try to monetize a runt that fails to succeed.

French Bulldog And Poodle Mix

A French bulldog mixed with a poodle is called the French Boodle. It will improve the odds that your puppy would be tiny by selecting a miniature or toy Poodle mom. The longer nose and tail of the Poodle in a Boodle puppy can decrease brachycephaly and hemivertebrae severity. But there are no assurances for mixed breed dogs. Since poodles will suffer from a completely different range of genetic health issues, your breeder must use only good poodle breeding stocks.

French Bulldog And Poodle Mix
French Bulldog And Poodle Mix

Yorkshire Terrier Mix of the French Bulldog

Often, the French Bulldog is bred with the Yorkshire Terrier, one of the smaller toy types. If you are interested in a smaller-sized Mini French Bulldog hybrid, this crossbreed may be a decent option. It is crucial to select a reputable breeder who checks all parent breeds for health and discusses all test findings with you while looking at all Frenchie crosses.

yorkie french bulldog

The Appearance of French Bulldog Teacup

Based on the process used to build it, the appearance of a Mini French Bulldog can differ. When combining with another breed, those used a standard Frenchie may look like a traditional Frenchie or other breeds of dogs used. Alternatively, they might appear like a distinctive hybrid of the two species.

Teacup French Bulldog
Teacup French Bulldog

There could be shorter legs for bulldogs with Dwarfism than a typical Frenchie. Further, it is possible to exaggerate their already overweight heads and thin hips, contributing to further health problems.

The most likely to appear like a shrunk variant of the regular Frenchie is Teacup Frenchie’s raised from runts. Although, any health conditions they have will depend on that. Standard Frenchie’s have compact limbs, flat noses, and come in several colors.

How Great is the Mini Frenchie’s?

At the hip, a standard-sized French Bulldog measure between 11 and 13 inches long can weigh under 28 pounds. The average size of the Mini French Bulldog would generally be less than that. Although based on the process breeders use to produce them, their size can differ.

The Temperament of Mini French Bulldog

As with looks, based on the process used to raise it, the disposition of a Mini Frenchie can differ. The French Bulldog is usually polite, caring, and trustworthy. Initially, they were raised as comfort dogs, meaning you’ll love twirling up on the couch.

Even though the Mini French Bulldogs are tiny, they must be thoroughly socialized to guarantee the best disposition. If they are not properly socialized, trustworthy breeds like this will display defending tendencies.

The Mini French Bulldogs’ Appeal

At present, miniature dogs are quite the theme. Tiny pets are perfect for persons who work in communities. Generally, they require less space, less food, and less exercise than breeds of large dogs. Although this doesn’t imply, they don’t require some treatment. Small pets require lots of emotional stimuli, such as the French Bulldog teacup. They need plenty of preparation and fitness and daily exercise. The Mini Frenchie should not be overworked, however, partially because of their flat ears. This can contribute to breathing problems and quick overheating.

Miniaturization Disadvantages:

It’s safe to imagine that there are no treatment standards for mini dogs. However, the breeds of toy dogs are not real toys. They are always complicated little creatures with tons of treatment criteria. Miniature breeds require a good diet, sensory stimulation, and exercise. They are more delicate than larger dogs, but owners must always behave with caution when treating their pups.

In households of children or other livestock, these small dogs do not often do so well, mainly because they are so little and fragile.

Health issues of the Mini French Bulldog

Unfortunately, some health hazards do come with the miniaturization trend in dog breeding. You may have learned about several recent French Bulldog health reports that reported many genetic health conditions endemic to the breed.

One large-scale French Bulldog wellbeing study in the United Kingdom noticed that almost three-quarters of all Frenchie’s have at least one reported health condition under veterinarian supervision. What are the most critical welfare problems that should be known to a future French Bulldog or Micro French Bulldog owner? Some are given below:

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

The French Bulldog’s shortened muzzle may induce a set of recurrent health conditions known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. Breathing problems, gagging/vomiting, exercise caused the collapse, and a persistent loss of oxygen in the blood may cause dogs with BOAS.

If the facial skin folds are not well cared for, flattened muzzles may often contribute to skin issues and eye problems, so they can protrude and become vulnerable to injuries.

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An extreme spinal deformity known as hemivertebrae is synonymous with the French Bulldog’s screw tail. The spine’s bones are malformed in the hemivertebrae, which contributes to painful and crippling spinal cord compression.

A dog can become incontinent or crippled in acute cases of hemivertebrae. For this disease, surgical care is practicable, however costly. Euthanasia could be expected in severe cases. Any of the hereditary health problems common to full-size French Bulldogs, plus additional ones due to their petite size, can suffer from a Mini French Bulldog.


In the Mini French Bulldog, the hereditary disorder of canine Dwarfism will often contribute to health concerns. Dwarfism is a spinal condition that induces malformed bones, which sometimes contributes to dogs suffering from constant pain. It is widespread in typical French dogs but may also be used to produce smaller dogs.

Dogs with Dwarfism may also suffer from conditions relating to their reduced dorsal vertebrae, abnormal skull, and facial bone formation, in addition to bent and staggered legs. Since normal-sized French Bulldogs are already suffering from brachycephaly and hemivertebrae, these conditions can exacerbate breeding for petite sizes.

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Exercise and Treatment

Be vigilant not to overheat the Mini Frenchie while exercising. If they exercise regularly in hot weather, Brachycephalic dogs will quickly suffer from heatstroke. In hot weather, take special care to keep a Frenchie, or miniature French Bulldog, cold. It can even involve tracking their diet closely so that they do not get overweight.

Respectable Breeder

You must make sure to select a reliable breeder if your heart is fixed on a Mini French Bulldog puppy. Typically, you can find Mini French Bulldog puppies at over $2000 for sale. But depending on the venue, rates can differ. Press lots of questions from your breeder, and anticipate plenty in exchange. Make sure that you see all the fitness certificates as well.

Meet the parent dogs used for breeding your mini pup, if you may. And find out the exact procedure used by the breeder to obtain the smaller scale. Stop traveling to pet shops and dog manufacturers.

Mini French Bulldog Rescue 

One of the most significant factors you should suggest choosing a rescue dog while looking to buy a miniature French Bulldog is welfare concerns. When they can’t manage their treatment anymore, several families feel they have to offer pets up to rehabilitation centers.

So, not all Mini Frenchie’s are there because of behavioral problems in rescue centers. Actually, in rescue centers, you might also be willing to find dogs.

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Are Mini French bulldogs’ healthy pets for the family?

The French Bulldog is a popular breed that may sadly suffer from severe chronic health issues. Although miniature dogs are attractive, a Mini French Bulldog can suffer from not only the standard-sized Frenchie’s health problems but also miniaturization-related problems.

Those health conditions and the possible lifetime veterinarian treatment expenses should be recognized to anyone with their heart fixed on a Frenchie or Mini Frenchie. Try a French Bulldog blend or any type comparable in size and disposition to the Frenchie, with less genetic health issues, for a better option to the Mini French Bulldog.

Final Verdict

These days, teacup breeds such as the miniature French Bulldog are common but unfortunately suffer from various health problems. Do you have one of these little puppies here at home? We’ve already stated that there are more fragile miniature breeds than regular variants. This suggests that they will suffer from bone fractures and other complications quickly. Tiny pets require a high-quality diet and routine veterinarian checkups to maintain them as safe as possible, such as the teacup French Bulldog. Every single Frenchie involves exercise. But miniature French Bulldogs may require a smaller than the standard size Frenchie.


What is a small French bulldog?

A Mini Frenchie is a traditional French Bulldog that has been bred to a smaller size. Other terms, such as Micro French Bulldog or Teacup Frenchie’s, are correlated with this occurrence. Essentially, all these words hold the same significance. Many of us know and enjoy a smaller variant of the regular Frenchie breed.

Do French bulldogs remain small forever?

Long, silky hair may emerge from this tiny white pooch. If you make it simple, though, they look just like a puppy forever. They are somewhat bulkier than toy dogs like Chihuahuas or Yorkies, so it’s a perfect way to have the traditional wrinkled Bulldog look in a smaller dog to buy a French Bulldog.

How long do French miniature bulldogs live?

It may live approximately 10 to 14 years.

How much does a Frenchie’s teacup cost?

Mini French bulldogs are pricey. It may cost from $1,400 and $8,500 for the popular colors of Mini French bulldogs. Perhaps more costly are the unusual shades.

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