Help! My French Bulldog Is Too Skinny?

Some french bulldog owners are noticing that their four-legged friend is losing weight and not looking healthy. This post discusses why this may be happening, how to spot the issue early on, and what you can do about it. 

My French Bulldog Is Too Skinny

To start off with, there are many reasons for your pup’s lack of appetite. From decreased liver function due to allergies or a tumor in the stomach to simply being bored of its food. 

The best way to know if your dog is still hungry is by checking out their ribcage. If it is visible when they stand up straight then they are probably overfed. 

When this happens, try feeding them less than usual and adding some flavor enhancers like baby carrots or green beans mixed in with the food.

Why Is My French Bulldog Is Too Skinny?

There could be several reasons behind this. What to do now?

Let’s find them as soon as possible!

  • Poor Diet Or Nutrition

Your dog is probably eating poorly and you need to make sure he is getting the right amount of nutrition.

Your canine companion could be malnourished if they are not maintaining a healthy weight, or even just having trouble with digestion.

Your furry friend may be a little hungry. You need to check his meals and make sure they are meeting all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

  • Is Your Frenchie Ill?

One of the most frustrating parts about being a dog owner is when they start to lose weight. If you notice your pup’s waistline getting smaller than normal, it may be time for them to go see their veterinarian and have some tests run on what’s going wrong internally.

You can not just eat your way to a skinny dog. But that does not mean they are not susceptible to illness, and if left untreated it may cause them significant weight loss.

  • There May Be Some Worms

While worms are not always the root cause of a sudden weight loss in dogs, they can be an issue that many owners may overlook. 

Worms usually live within intestines and stomach areas where they feed on dead cells from food as well as produce eggs called ova or larvae which get excreted through feces to start new worm populations elsewhere. 

Sometimes, this will lead to diarrhea if there is too much infestation by the parasite. So it is important for dog parents to watch out for signs like vomiting, abdominal pain, lethargy, tachycardia with rapid breathing due to intestinal irritation among others.

A common health concern among dogs who experience sudden weight-loss is parasites such as worms.

  • Stress Or Anxiety

Dogs are very loyal animals and, as such, they feel their owner’s emotions. If a dog is feeling anxious he may not be interested in food because his stomach might tighten or get upset.

The loyalty of dogs can cause them to react negatively when exposed to anxiety-inducing stimuli that makes the animal feel unsafe and uncomfortable. This includes a lack of appetite for food.

Ideal Weight Size For A French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are typically in the range of 15-30 pounds. For a full grown French Bulldog, this is around 2 years old and 30 pounds. 

Puppy weight ranges from 6 to 12 months which would be about 10 to 18 lbs respectively for an optimal health standard.

The ideal French bulldog weight varies by age!

Poor little Frenchies!

The first six months of their life are a roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs you could imagine. For instance, on average they are between 13.8 pounds to 22 lbs. 

But in one day that can swing as much as 6-10lbs depending on how many treats mommy gives them for breakfast.

Why Is Your French Bulldog Gaining Weight?

Your French Bulldog is gaining weight and you are not sure why? Do not fret. There are many reasons your pup may have packed on a few pounds. From an increase in food intake to anxiety or digestive issues that make them eat more than usual. 

Why Is Your French Bulldog Gaining Weight

We will cover  some explanations for the excess fat as well as tips for maintaining optimal dog health while they get slimmer.

Let’s jump into it!

  • Age

With the aging process, dogs often experience reduced physical activity and gain weight.

Older breeds of dog are more likely to be less active and as a result become overweight. They also have an increased risk of developing joint problems or heart disease due to obesity-induced inflammation in their arteries.

  • No Activity

If your french bulldog is not getting enough exercise, they may be gaining weight.

Even though French Bulldogs are relatively small dogs, it can still happen that owners start noticing their Frenchie is looking a little overweight. 

This could have to do with the fact that these pups are not up and about as often as other breeds. Anywhere from six hours per day for smaller puppies all the way down to zero. 

Low activity levels will only worsen this issue if you do not take steps immediately before things get out of hand.

  • Reproduction Period

Recently, scientists have uncovered that reproductive status can cause overweight in your Frenchie. 

A study found a correlation between female dogs who were intact and the weight of their male counterparts. Males with an altered or spayed mate had higher weights than those whose mates had not been neutered at all. 

And if you are wondering what this has to do with humans the same thing happens among us.

  • Breed

There are many dog breeds that can be the most likely to gain weight, but French bulldogs have been a big favorite of mine for years. What’s their secret?

Frenchies were bred in France and later England as an English Toy Spaniel because they are small dogs with long floppy ears who love to eat. 

They might not look very intimidating at first glance, but these little guys pack lots of personality into their tiny frames.

  • Overfeeding

You might be surprised to find out that overfeeding your Frenchie can cause its weight to increase.

It may seem like you are doing a good thing by giving food, but in reality feeding too much is not healthy for the dog and could lead to obesity. 

Do not forget about exercise because both are important aspects of keeping our dogs happy and healthy.

Wrapping Up!

The french bulldog is a small breed, which means it has less energy to burn. It also doesn’t need as much food because of its size and weight. 

One way you can help your dog stay healthy by adding more exercise into the day or switching their diet so they are eating fewer calories than normal. 

You could try giving them high-quality treats that will make them feel full without having too many calories like these yummy peanut butter balls.

We hope that this article has helped you make more sense of the causes for a french bulldog being skinny or overweight. If you have not found what you were looking for, do not hesitate to comment down!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Do  French Bulldogs eat ice cubes? 

No, French Bulldog’s fur is too thick for ice cubes.

A good way to know whether or not your dog likes receiving a little icy treat every now and then is by looking at their hair coat. With how much of it there appears to be around the mouth area after they have been chewing on an ice cube. 

In order to see if that tells you anything about what kind of reaction he might have had from taking this cooling snack up into his maw.

Q2:Does the Frenchie not like to go outside for walks? 

A Frenchie is a dog breed that has thick curly hair and is known for being very independent. It is unclear if they enjoy going outside because the only time you see them is outside of their home. It seems like they are always just walking away from something rather than towards anything.

Q3:How often do you feed your French Bulldog per day? 

French Bulldogs are a breed of dog that requires feeding more often than most other breeds. They typically require 1-2 meals per day, so you will want to keep tabs on when they eat and make sure their bowl is always full.

Q4:What do you do to keep your Frenchie entertained when left home alone for extended periods of time?

One way to keep your Frenchie entertained when left home alone is with a puzzle toy. These toys are usually made of wood or cardboard and have holes in them which you put treats inside. 

As the dog plays, it has to move around pieces until each hole contains food. They scratch at the board trying different combinations that lead towards their threat.

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