French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier: Which Is Right For You?

If you are thinking about adopting a new pet but are not sure how to choose between these two breeds, we have got your back. 

French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier

We will help break down the differences and similarities between french bulldogs and Boston terriers so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Which breed of dog will be best suited to your lifestyle? 

Find out now!

French Bulldog Vs. Boston Terror

The Boston Terrier and French Bulldog are adorable companions who live to share their special qualities with the world. They both have fabulous ears, smooshy faces, short legs but long bodies, and fur coats.

Lets find out the differences in detail;

  1. French Bulldogs Are Heavier

French bulldogs are the heavier of two dogs with Boston terriers, but this is not necessarily due to their build. 

Does the answer lie in what makes up a dog’s weight: bone structure or organs?

A French Bulldog’s body has more bulk than it would seem when looking at certain angles because most breeders choose stockier “codes” for these large breeds, which can weigh between 20-30 pounds (9kg).

  1. Boston terriers Are More Slender

The Boston terrier is known for its long sleek hair and slender body. 

It has a coat that can be short, rough, or curly-curly-haired with black markings on the ears (perked), face mask around the nose bridge, which are often white – otherwise called “squeaker.”

Frenchie dogs might not have this protective layer, and theirs usually will not stand out quite as our favorite pups do, either.

  1. The Boston Terrier Has A Shorter Muzzle

The Boston terrier has a shorter, rounder muzzle than the french bulldog. This pup’s face is squat, and its nose appears more oblong compared to other breeds’ snouts.

Which are long with wide curves at either end for distinguishing shapes such as bells or goggles.

The History Channel once said that these two similar-looking animals were cousins, but their differences lie not just within appearances.

It can be attributed mainly because one dog served law enforcement primarily while another was explicitly bred for companionship.

They are both adorable, though!

  1.  The French Bulldog Has A Wider Head

The French bulldog has a head that is wider and rounder than the Boston Terrier.

The exterior shape of their faces are also different. The placement, widths/breadths near eye area on both dogs’ skulls differing substantially.

But there is not much variation in height either way which would make sense given how closely related these two breeds can get overtime.

  1. Weight

The Boston terrier is a tiny pup with an average weight of 22 pounds, while the french bulldog can weigh up to 45 lbs.

If you are allergic to dogs and cats, then this might not be your favorite breed.

But if they do not bother making too much noise or shedding fur (both common allergens), these furry friends are perfect pets.

  1. Age

The french bulldog can live up to 15 years on average, whereas most Boston’s only live for 10-12. 

The difference in lifespan is due mainly to their high cholesterol levels and related health issues that arise during childhood development or maturity stages like kidney stones.

A dog aged six may be similar physically to one who was born seven years ago.

However, there will always remain some physiological changes that might not happen with humans so quickly over such an extended period period like this generation does through the aging process 

If you take care properly from early age then the different stages your pup goes through matters less since they will still grow old while being healthy about it all.

Similarities Between French Bulldog And Boston Terrier

The following are some of the similarities you can find in these both dogs;

  1. Both Breeds Are Very Active

Squeaking with energy, Boston terriers are always on the go. French poodle dogs might be calmer, but they are not any less active!

Frenchies can tire out more quickly because of their small size and high levels of enthusiasm for playing games such as tug of war or chasing after sticks that you throw into the street outside your house at 2 am while everyone is asleep,

But do not worry as these little guys still make excellent family pets who will keep surprising us every day by how mischief-prone they are.

  1. Short And Flat Face

Frenchies and Boston terriers have expressive faces, with the French bulldog being one of my personal favorites. In my opinion, these dogs are known for their short, flat look that gives them an adorable “puppy” appearance.

  1. Both Are Stubborn

Frenchies and Boston terriers are both stubborn but in different ways. 

French bulldog puppies can be challenging to train because they are such big dogs that need lots of attention from their owners or a lot more work than other types of dogs do just for food reasons alone.

  1. Small And Compact

Both Frenchies and Boston Terriers are small, compact breeds. 

They were bred as ideal pets for homes with little living space because they have short legs that quickly help them navigate tight spaces.

Their size also makes these dogs perfect companions not only can you take your pup everywhere without feeling cluttered in luggage.

But they will feel safe if there is someone else home to thanks their quick reflexes which make them excellent watchdogs less barking than giant breed.

Reasons To Buy A French Bulldog

The following are some of the reasons that will make you buy this little pup!

  1. Great Family Dog

The French Bulldog is an excellent choice for the family. They are usually loyal, funny, and affectionate with their owner and other people in general.

Many people like how much use they can be protective if need be when it comes down to strangers who may want something from you or your loved ones but also love just lounging around making new friends all day long.

  1. Low Grooming Requirement

The French bulldog is a low-maintenance breed of dog. They do not need much grooming, and their coat requires very little attention to keep looking good.

The perfect pet, one that does not require excessive amounts of time out your day or week but still offers you endless cuteness in return.

  1. Intelligent

A French bulldog is one of the most intelligent and loyal breeds.

Many people say that it is a special breed, just like its mascot “Porsche.” 

They are personable with children but can get aggressive when playing or socializing in large crowds because they do not like being crowded on all sides.

But this does not mean you should never take either upon an invitation, sometimes parents find themselves too busy at work during certain times while raising their kids without any help.

These adorable dogs make for excellent company as long as everyone has enough time dedicated towards their care.

  1. They Do Not Bark Much

French Bulldogs are incredibly loyal and gentle dogs. 

They never bark, which means you can take them anywhere without worrying about annoying your neighbors.

The low-volume vocalizations they produce make it easy for these gorgeous pups to fit into any lifestyle whether in an apartment complex or with children as pets.

  1. They Are Easy To Take Care Of

The French bulldog is a fantastical, friendly breed of dog that requires minimal care. They are often seen as the perfect pet for first-time owners due to how easy it can be to take responsibility for one.

  1. They Are Playful

They are such happy-go-lucky dogs! 

If you want a dog that will always be in high spirits, then the French Bulldog might make your list. 

The personality of this breed is contagious, and they are great for any family because their playful nature makes it easy to find things to do with them even if some may not work out. 

It is hard not getting caught up in all the laughter coming from one room while another entertains themselves on TV or plays outside but who cares? 

Dogs know happiness better than anyone else, so why would not we try our best at giving these guys what they need: lots of love mixed.

Reasons To Buy Boston Terrier

Why Should You Buy Boston Terrier? Read More!

  1. They Do Not Require A Lot Of Space

The Boston terrier is a small, active dog that does not need much space to live in. They make great companions for people with apartments because of their compact size and low maintenance requirements.

  1. Loyal And Caring

The Boston Terrier is a loyal and caring dog. They are the perfect cuddly companion for family members, as they will always be there to cheer you up when times get tough.

  1. Intelligent

The Boston terrier is one of the most intelligent canines on earth. This breed has an average IQ variance between 80 and 90, making them exceptionally smart animals with a lot to offer.

The reason you should buy this dog is not just because they are sweet although there are plenty who would say otherwise.

No matter what your motivation may be for purchasing such creatures as pets or working partners in animal shelters.

You will find many reasons why owning one could make life 100% better.

The Boston terrier is a breed of dog known for being easy to train. 

  1. Easy Training

They have small compact bodies with short legs, making them an agile and lively animals perfect for chasing down prey like rats in urban areas or other rodents that may be creeping around your house.

  1. They Do Not Shed Much

Boston terriers might be the perfect match if you are looking for a dog that does not shed much,

The truth is, most dogs have hair and fur like ours. However, their compact bodies tend not to spread out as much during grooming sessions, resulting in less dirt being picked up by brushes or vacuums. 

Wrapping Up!

We hope this article has helped you learn about the similarities and differences between french bulldogs and Boston terriers. 

If you have any questions, we would love to help! 

The French Bull Dog vs. Boston Terrier debate can be endlessly debated for hours by dog lovers worldwide, so let us know what you think in our comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Would you rather have a French bulldog or a Boston terrier? Why?

In my opinion, the Boston terrier is a better choice because they are much prettier and friendlier than French bulldogs.

Many people like to debate which breed is superior, but in reality, there is not one answer that tops them all. It just depends on your preferences!

Q2: Which Boston terrier do you like better? 

A lot has been written about why this breed might be a one-of-a-kind canine. 

They are most often used as therapy dogs for visually impaired or mobility challenged because their disability makes them perfect guides through life on wheels and other places.

Q3: Do you think that any of those qualities can be attributed to their genetics as a dog of a particular breed (bulldog vs Boston terrier)? 

Many of the things we associate with a particular breed are indeed genetic. 

For example, bulldogs have long snouts because it is an inherited trait passed down by their parents, which gave them this appearance on top of any other factors such as size .

Or climate where they live to develop their unique personality traits over time while still being influenced by environmental changes even if only minimally.

So over generations past since humans did not interfere too much during breeding processes until relatively recent history when conditions improved somewhat but not nearly enough yet due primarily.