Frenchies Snoring:Do French Bulldogs Snore? Fact or Fiction

If you happen to own a French bulldog, you may have noticed that they snore. This is not because your dog is out of shape or has an unusual respiratory condition. 

Do French Bulldogs Snore

The reason for this is the structure of their nose and mouth. It makes it difficult for them to breathe through their noses during sleep, so they must use their mouths for breathing instead which causes snoring. 

If you are considering adopting a French bulldog, be prepared that if they do snore at night it can be quite loud.

Do French Bulldogs Snore?

The bulldog’s snoring is a common occurrence in the household, as they are known for it. 

They do not just snore either, some breeds can reach 100 dB of volume with their deep breaths and rumbling sounds.

When they snore, the bulldog’s tongue flops about like a fish out of water.

All breeds of bulldogs are known for their loud and labored breathing which often sounds more like an asthmatic person than anything else in the animal world.

Reasons Your French Bulldog Snore

French Bulldogs have a short, pushed in face which causes them to snore.

Lungs cannot inflate fully because they are compressed by the bones of their skull and trachea.

This is what creates vibrations when air comes out that translate into sounds we call “snoring.” 

Let’s explore in detail some of the reasons;

  1. Position Of Sleeping

You might be wondering if your Frenchie snores, and the answer is yes. 

The average person who sleeps on their back or stomach experiences a “masking noise” that prevents them from hearing themselves breathing when they breathe through both mouth and nose at night. 

This is not as much of an issue for those who sleep primarily in one position because there is less chance to create this masking effect with only one air passage open throughout the entire duration of your slumber session. 

However, since Frenchies are known for sleeping curled up into tight balls all over our floorboards during any free time we get between naps.

We can never seem to find a comfy place, it makes sense that some dogs may have trouble tucking firmly enough.

  1. Structure Of The Nose

The french bulldog has a short, flat nose that causes them to snore. The noise is so intense the dog’s owners often worry about how much sleep their pet will get each night.

In recent years, the french bulldog has become more popular than its predecessor. 

This is largely because of how it breathes through a short, flat nose that causes them to snore loudly while they sleep.

Which many owners find delightful and endearing as opposed to disturbing or annoying.

  1. Elongated Palate

Frenchies get a lot of snoring problems because they have an elongated palate. 

Their noses are upturned and there is much more windpipe in their throat than other breeds which is why it takes so long for the air to travel up through their nose, down through the trachea then out by way of mouth or nostrils

As French bulldogs grow older, some develop enlarged tonsils that can cause them to produce phlegm-like material from their mouths while sleeping. 

This may be due partly because these dogs often sleep with just one side of his tongue resting against his teeth on each side.

  1. Obesity

Obesity can cause a person to snore in their sleep. 

This is because the weight of your stomach pushes down on the diaphragm and forces it into an unnatural position, which causes you to breathe irregularly during sleep.

Obesity increases risk for Frenchie Snore (obstruction) by causing abnormal changes with breathing patterns when sleeping.

  1. Short Muzzle

The French bulldog is a breed of dog with a short muzzle that causes them to snore. These can make excellent companions for people who are allergic because they have little hair and thus shed very rarely.

But may require some special considerations in the home due to their small size such as step stools or ramps.

The brachycephalic breeds like the french bulldogs tend to sleep soundly throughout most nights without much disruption from outside noises.

Which makes it easier on all-rounders those suffering allergies if you want an animal companion inside your house.

  1. Shorter Nasal Passages

Frenchies have short nasal passages that lead to snoring.

French Bulldogs are known for their cute noses, but it is not all fun and games when you consider the fact that these pooches tend to suffer from a lot of respiratory problems due in large part to their shortened nasal passage.

Which can make them prone to snore or breath out through the mouth because they do not want any drool coming down with air.

  1. Infection Or Allergy

Snoring can be caused by a dry throat. Allergies or infection could cause the dog’s mouth to produce less saliva, which leads to excessive drying in their throat and velopharynx.

Dryness inside of your dog’s nose from allergies like hay fever or other environmental factors could result in too much air being sucked into its lungs when it breathes.

An abnormality that often produces loud low-frequency vibrations called “snoring.” 

The reason behind this phenomenon has been explained as either due to an obstruction around the back passage where sound waves resonate louder than usual.

Obstructions within nasal cavities resulting in more vibration because there are no external objects dampening them.

How Can You Stop Frenchie From Snoring?

The following are some of the techniques that can stop your little pup from snoring;

  1. Do Not Let Your Frenchie Sleep On Their Back

If you want your french bulldog to stop snoring, make sure they sleep on their side or stomach.

A lot of times when people’s pets are having trouble breathing at night it can be due to them sleeping in a position that doesn’t allow for the best airflow possible. 

If this is happening with your french bulldog and you would like help getting rid of the snores caused by improper respiration then don’t let him/her sleep on his back.

  1. Keep Them In A Cool, Dry Environment

The Frenchie is a member of the toy poodle family and they are bred to be small. If you live in humid climates, it can cause their snoring problem because they have smaller nasal passages than humans.

The French Bulldog has been traditionally known as one of the most popular breeds for centuries now due to its lovable demeanor that makes them perfect companions.

However, if your Frenchie lives in an area with warm or moist weather conditions, this may cause some problems such as excessive panting which could eventually result in snoring-related difficulties like chronic sleep deprivation. 

  1. Make Sure They Are Not Overweight 

Did you know that some of the most common causes for snoring are obesity, age-related changes to body shape and weight distribution, nasal congestion such as from a cold or allergies. 

If your Frenchie is overweight there may be more room in their throat which can put pressure on airways during sleep so they will start snoring. 

To help reduce this try feeding them smaller portions at mealtime but still give them plenty of opportunities throughout the day to eat snacks like carrots and green beans.

You should also talk with your veterinarian if these solutions do not work because it might mean an underlying health condition needs treatment.

  1. Provide Them With Plenty Of Exercise And Stimulation 

If you’re a pet owner and your furry little friend snores, consider getting them more exercise. It is true! 

A study by Randolph-Macon College found that pets who do not get enough physical activity are at greater risk of developing respiratory problems such as allergies or asthma. 

And because their noses tend to be closer to the ground than ours when they sleep, it can lead to increased irritation from allergens like pollen and dust mites.

which may cause them not only difficulty breathing but also frequent bouts with sneezing rhinitis or even worse: allergic bronchoconstriction. 

So please provide plenty of stimulation for your Frenchie so he does not have an excuse.

  1. Create An Obstacle Course For Them To Run Through During The Day

To stop your Frenchie from snoring, create an obstacle course for them to run through during the day. They will be too tired at night and not want to sleep on you.

If a pup is napping all day long they will have more energy in the evening when it is time for bedtime. 

Create some obstacles with toys or chairs that are challenging but doable so their little legs do not hurt by trying things out of reach while running around outside.

It might just work wonders!

  1. Give Them Less Food During The Day To Prevent Snoring At Night 

Your Frenchie may be snoring so loudly it wakes you up. Sometimes this is because they ate too much and their food has shifted to the back of your dog’s throat.

If that sounds like what might have happened, try cutting down on his total daily caloric intake by feeding him less during the day time.

Wrapping Up!

We have covered some of the ways you can stop your Frenchie from snoring, but if none of our suggestions seem to work for your pup there are a few other things you might try. 

First, make sure their collar is not too tight and they are not overheated. If that does not solve the problem, take them to see a vet or an animal chiropractor who specializes in animals with respiratory issues. 

They may be able to help find the cause behind this unpleasant sound so you can get back on track cuddling without interruption.

Let us know what has worked best for stopping your dog’s snores by commenting below.