Can French Bulldog Eat Banana? Should I Feed Them?

I have recently added bananas to my Frenchie’s diet and it has worked amazingly. Let me tell you more about French bulldogs eating bananas!!

Fruits are a very good source of so many vital nutrients such as vitamins, and calcium. They have the necessary amount of sugar in them which is essential to a French bulldog’s health. Your French bulldogs have sensitive stomachs and due to which you have to work a lot in deciding a perfect diet for them.

Can French Bulldog Eat Banana

Let me help you by adding some of the knowledge through this article. So, you might have questions about feeding bananas to your cute little Frenchies; is banana safe for them or not? Etc.

So here are all of the answers to your questions;

Can French Bulldog Eat Banana?

Yes! Eating bananas is completely safe for a French bulldog. It is very good for boosting up the immunity of your dog and will give him a full stomach for a nice time. There are several vitamins and minerals in bananas that provide many benefits to the Frenchies’ digestive system.

Importantly you should keep a check-in feeding them in moderation. Overeating can result in various serious issues. So keep this thing in mind that you feed your little Frenchies in a balanced quantity.

As excess of anything makes it poison!

Bananas are a very fresh and healthy choice to add to your dog’s daily feed. It does not have any of the processed ingredients which can harm them.

Now as it is safe for them to eat so why not have a look at the benefits it gives to your French bulldog, to know more you just need to scroll down.

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Health Benefits:

There are so many fruits that your dog can safely consume. But if we talk about bananas then you will be happy to know all of the benefits it gives to a Frenchie. Bananas are a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and potassium which makes them an ideal food for your little French bulldog.

Moreover, there is a very low amount of cholesterol and also sodium which does not harm your dog in any way. Eating bananas is very good for their heart as well.

Other than this if your dog loves eating sweet things then it would be the best choice for them. But a lot of sugar intake can harm them too so be sure that you do not overfeed them.


You might have seen if you are eating a banana your dog will jump to you and will snatch that banana, this is because they love eating them. This shows how much they like to eat and will make your bond very strong with your little friend.

Followings are some of the vital nutrients which a banana offers to your French bulldog;

Vitamin B6:

We usually call vitamin B6 pyridoxine which helps to maintain the good health of your heart. If a dog eats bananas regularly then it will strengthen its heart. It is also good to make their body strong and healthy as it affects their brain in a very good manner as well.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is the need of the human and animal bodies. It is a very powerful nutrient as it helps the body to fight many diseases. It is an antioxidant that takes away the damaged cells. Moreover, as it is in bananas so if your dog eats it then he will stay safe from many illnesses and diseases.


Fiber is an essential nutrient for a human and animal’s body. It is a prebiotic and helps to digest your food easily and also it makes up the muscles strong. When your French bulldog eats bananas it gives the stomach very good digestion.

As the digestion is improved there will be more chances to get a good immunity and this will make your dog even healthier.


Potassium is an electrolyte. It is very good for a dog’s health. It metabolizes the function of digestion and as result; your dog gets to eat more. There is a rich amount of potassium present in bananas that’s why it is very good for your dogs to eat them.

Side Effects:

As we came up across all of the nutrition a banana has to offer your dog so, it is now the time to talk about some of the side effects a banana can give you.

It was already mentioned that being a French bulldog owner you have to be very particular about choosing food for them. So, in that case, you also need to know all of the important nutrients it offers and also to look upon the side effects it has.

Okay so let’s move towards some of the negative effects of eating a banana by a French bulldog;


Bananas have a very excessive amount of sugar in them. It also has so many calories which make your dog weigh more than earlier. So to normalize it we need to know that what the right quantity is to stay safe and healthy.

It is no doubt the best food choice for your French bulldog but at the same time, it can harm them as well so it is important to set a balanced diet for your dog’s good health.


I think in every matter you should maintain the equilibrium. Similarly, if you would not maintain this equilibrium then your dogs would not get into any problem. The same is the case with eating bananas. Overfeeding can result in constipation.

One of the reasons behind this is that bananas are rich in fiber. So make sure that you feed your dogs in moderation.

The fruit is a very good treat for your Frenchie. But beware and keep an eye out for your Frenchie that they don’t eat too much. This may cause digestion problems, get obese and sensitivities.

What Types of Bananas Do Frenchies Eat?

The unripe banana or green banana is a choice as they have benefits more than ripe bananas but are still not good. The green bananas are harmless but your Frenchie might reject them refuse to eat them.

You can feed them green bananas but be careful you Frenchie might get swelling. This is because the unripe banana contains high levels of starch. So we do have some hesitations feeding our pet unripe bananas. So I think you should ask a vet.

How To Feed Bananas To Your Frenchies In Different Ways:

Making food eye-catching will attract them towards it. They will eat happily. Keep in mind all of the things that your dog likes to eat and beautifully present them and you are good to go.

Get some sectioned dishes for them to eat it will help you manage the quantity.  Feeding bananas to a French bulldog is very simple and easy you do not have to put more effort into it.

You have so many options such as;

  • You can simply mash them and add them to the other dog food it will make the food more delicious for them.
  • Slice them and give them to eat.
  • Mash them and give them in a puzzle feeder they will play and eat at the same time.
  • You can give them as a reward if they go for a walk with you or whatever.

Wrapping up;

As a concluding thought, I will say that it is very important that in what way and in how much quantity you feed something to your dogs. Give your dog bananas as a treat but never forget to control their diet.

Moderation is the key to their health. You must add more fruits to your diet. This will help them in establishing a good mind and body. If you don’t have anything to give them then you may go for giving bananas to eat. I hope all of the important questions are being answered here in this article


Q1:How many bananas can I feed my Frenchie in a day?

One banana is more than enough for your French bulldog. If not one then you can make slices of them and feed them as much they wanted to eat. But one banana is completely safe for them. Do not give them more otherwise you will end up with their disturbed stomach.

Moreover, it depends upon the age of your pup as if they can eat solid then start adding one to two slices of banana a day in their meal. To the adult ones, you can give up to one banana a day.

Q2:Are French bulldogs allergic to bananas?

So you are feeding your pet something new but that’s not the problem. The problem is that this might cause allergic reactions. So let me tell you the symptoms of these allergic reactions.

If you see your pet showing any of these symptoms please report to your closest vet instantly for a checkup. So the symptoms are coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, hives, swelling, and other symptoms.

Q3:Can dogs eat peels of bananas?

Giving your furry friend the peel of a banana isn’t the very best of the idea. Yes, you might think that it’s poisonous but it’s hardly that.

These peels are not easy to break down to produce energy in the body. So it can cause problems in your digestive system.

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