Are French Bulldogs Smart? Reasons Behind This ?

The French bulldogs have enjoyed a long and joyful history as a pet dog. They were bred in England and were pretty small in size dogs. They were first used as pet companions in England and then the lace makers brought them to France and so that became their new home and name.

Even though it is a thoroughbred dog breed it is still in danger that people leave them on highways. Even roads and in parks they are left behind on purpose. You can find them on places like these or shelters, rescues and Opt so people can adopt them.

are french bulldogs smart

Except being good pets, these pets were used as rat hunters in the start. Then there is today that their main jobs are looking beautiful on shows or being excellent family members.

Feasible As Pets:

People that live in apartments will love him. People who are first time owning pets are going to have a good time with their new pet too.

Let me tell you one important thing if you are planning to travel with your pet bulldog,

For that you should probably do somethings to keep your Frenchie happy and healthy during your travels!

You would need a massager and perhaps your dog brush. But for more check the list below for the qualities and factors affecting their smartness as compared to other dog procreates.

As other dog breeds like to look good and are trying to be a bit impressive. But this dog breed is naturally beautiful and don’t need to do anything to look beautiful. They just have to be good family members which in they are very good already.

This dog procreate is one of the best dog procreate in the whole world!

This Frenchie might look small but that’s just you judging a book from its cover. They are very strong and intelligent but mostly active. They are very playful but they also like to lie down on the couch for some comforting.

The attitude and love for playing and comforting makes them excellent dogs. They are very intelligent and easy to train but as long as you give them a treat.

Moreover, you should make it into a game as the dog loves to play. They aren’t very obedient as they are their own masters and don’t do much of anything the owners saying.

If they want to do something that you have told them only then will they do it. This behavior might make them persistent, leading for them to do whatever they want.

You won’t even be able to force them!

The French bulldog is a love cannon which likes to blow in your heart. They aren’t much of an outdoor dog who can stay lonely for long. In fact they like to be with you and you and they will enjoy each other’s company.

They love their people nicely and expect the same in return. They easily get along with children, adults and even old people. But they don’t like to share you especially with another dog so you better only have one pet, as they are very sectional about their people.

They have a naughty and funny nature. So the French bulldog needs to be with a person that can be reliable, strong and tolerant. The dog will nicely fit a person with these habits and the owner will to be happy.

These are also good guards as they will immediately alarm you of any stranger near your house. Do not ignore them if you don’t see anything because they always have a cause to bark. French bulldogs are very defending and are life givers for their family and house.

Frenchies are not very choosy about spaces they will settle in small apartments. They need a 14 to 15 minutes’ walk in the park to keep them fit and healthy. They need to be in a nice, calm and relaxed place.

Moreover, these dogs don’t like the heat and like to be in an air conditioned room. This is not the kind of dog who wants go outside on a hot day.

French bulldogs are great dogs for a pet. As they will shadow you everywhere you go and will be with you under you. Some Frenchie dog owners say that they are just adorable little goofs who can’t live without them.

They are like your shadow that will always be with you. They will love you from the depths of their tiny hearts. This tells us that they are even more beautiful on the inside.

Are French Bulldogs Smart?

A dog is not only intelligent by its inborn but also by other inherited factor which adds up to it. The humans made their choices of breeding over the centuries and shape the heritable character of all the dog procreates.

 The French bulldogs are 200 years old procreate. They have been good companions ever since. In history they did not do many jobs except being good companions. 

Are They stupid?

A few years ago a full study of more than 8000 pet dog owners just got to know something. That the smaller the dog is the more it will show you unlikely behavior such as; carrying people or objects, dirtying the house, Parting nervousness, and receptiveness.

The French bulldogs are just 11 to 12 inches tall. You might think that they are small in size but they are still at a high selling point. They are some of the smallest dog procreates in the world. Also they are of the most likely to show irregular behaviors.

A thing is that if they are not well in behavior or you have problems training them. Then this does not mean they are stupid. Our sadness might make it sense that. So this might take us to clean teaching.

Smart French Bulldogs:

There are so many factors which affect the behavior and impression so let’s look at some of the important points which shapes the intelligence level of the French bulldogs;

It is very important to understand this before stepping forward that these little French bulldogs are very sharp and smart. But the level of their intelligence and responding rate depends upon the quality of the question you are going to ask them.

They are really obedient to their owners. You can stop them at any point. But it merely depends on how you are going to treat them.

Lifestyle of Frenchies:

French bulldogs are very royal kind of dogs especially when they are pets. They take a lot of expenses while raising them up so, this shows that an average person cannot deal with them throughout the heavy bills and medicines.

frenchies lifestyle

Frenchies are not smart, they are smarter!!

Lifestyle factor is one of the common factors which changes the habits and intelligence level of a French bulldog because it is not predetermined.

The thing which makes them even smarter is the training skills. It has been researched that the French bulldogs are much more active than the street dogs or any dog that has not being under training.

So, the lifestyle matters a lot!

Age of a Frenchie:

Age is considered to be a vital aspect for one’s intelligence. If we do a comparison between the young and old Frenchies then the research says that young ones are even smarter than the older ones.

Moreover, if you observe them the little ones are really active and present minded all the time they can easily get back to the things where they have placed. But on the other hand the old ones cannot do so.

With the time the intelligence starts getting fade. And this also affects their rate of learning and being habitual of new things and habits.

How Can They Help You As A Pet?

So, if you have Frenchies back at your homes then you just don’t need to worry at all. These little cute dogs are very active and intelligent in no matter every rank. And you will find the young dogs smarter than the older ones at times.

Just train them well and make things easy for you!

Home guards:

Your French bulldogs can be very active and watchful duty guards for your home. They are very alert all the time. If anyhow they feel something unplanned or unexpected they make their owners alert.

If you are looking for the best guard dogs then they will proved to be the best ones!

They mostly rely on their owners. Just to show possession and show you that they like depending upon you as an owner they will show affection towards you.

They are very patient and peace loving creatures. Moreover they will never disappoint you at any point. All of these loyal qualities they have in them by birth but a proper training will enhance these qualities and sharpen them for fruitful outcomes.

They know exactly how to alert the owner if something is wrong up there. They are really smart that they know how to convey their message through growls and gargles and also from barks.

Frenchies as babysitters:

Surprised??? You should have been!

Here to disclose another amazing quality of French bulldogs, which is that you can train your home pet, Frenchies, as a perfect babysitter. They just love babies and enjoy staying around them and playing with them.

So, they are undoubtedly good babysitters.

Their adaptive intelligence:

Are your French bulldogs being socialized? If yes then they may adopt some of the new habits other than the routine you are planning to set for them.

Even the intelligence can be adapted by seeing and observing others. There could be an increment in their intelligence level. Frenchies my get more high IQ level than the other dogs. And this helps further to solve nearly problems for them on their own.

This quality makes them stand out of all of the dog breeds. So, not only the instinctive intelligence which they have matters but also the adaptive behaviors, habits and intelligence is very important.

They being a quick learner opt all of the things you train them for and even they get their habits from their owners some of the times.

Make your dog like you!


Frenchies are very smart creatures. You will just love them around you. They will always be loyal to you and will love you in return. You need to take care of them.

Being smart and loyal is there in their genes so you cannot doubt about that. They are very active and will displace this quality while playing, eating, and roaming around.

Some of the qualities which are very apparent in them are their smartness and intelligence, their companionship, and lovely temperament.

Moreover, you may find them stubborn and may be difficult to train at some points. But they are very conscious about the activities going around them. Their level of smartness is shown by the way they alert the owners at the time of danger.

So, they are not stupid at all as compared to the other dogs of different genes. They are quite easy to handle and are very lovable animals. They pick up your habits and routine easily so don’t take much time in adjusting with you.

You have to be a good leader for your French bulldog because it will help you in a long run. If they will not get a proper leadership then they will make a huge mess. They may become bossy at times.

They want commitment, and good time. If you are ready to give them that then they will be happily yours!


Q1:How Smart Are French bulldogs?

Starting from the history the French bulldogs are very good in breed and genes. They are very cooperative in many things and times. Frenchies are very smart which is clear by their actions. These dogs are smart enough to be a good watchful guard for you home.

Q2:How Friendly Are The Frenchies? 

Though the French bulldogs are considered more over the lapdogs, and they love the kids, older people and also they love you, the owner. They are very gentle and happy pets.

They will love spending time with you and your family and this makes them even cute and lovely pets.

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