Are French Bulldogs Greedy? Common Convincing Signs

Have you ever noticed that your French Bulldog always wants more? It would eat all day if you let it. Well, the reason is because they are greedy and do not have a full stomach like other dogs do. 

Are French Bulldogs Greedy

Here, we will go over some tips on how to stop your french bulldog from being so greedy. 

We will be giving information as well as helpful tips on how to fix this problem with your dog. How many times has your pup gone under the table snatching food off of plates while ignoring their own bowl? They can not help themselves!

Dogs are scavengers by nature and frenchies in particular just love people’s food. There is no need to feel bad about it though. We are here with some advice!

Are All French Bulldogs Greedy?

French Bulldogs are known for being greedy, but do they really have to be? For these little dogs with big appetites and small stomachs the answer is no. 

Frenchies need lots of food throughout the day because their body has a longer digestive cycle than other breeds. 

You should feed your Frenchie at least twice per day. Once in the morning and again late afternoon or evening when he needs an extra boost before bedtime.

French bulldogs are the most popular breed of dog in America. They are lazy, greedy and loud. Or so you may have thought! But when it comes to Frenchies, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Aren’t They Cute?

They have short snouts, compact bodies and strong muscles. All features which make them very agile. 

Despite their size they often bark loudly, not surprising considering they were bred to be guard dogs. Are all Frenchies greedy though? Maybe it is just the food-oriented personalities we have seen on social media who are behind this accusation.

What Makes Your French Bulldog Hungry?

The most likely cause for your French Bulldogs increased appetite could be a medical issue and it’s important that we look into this.

What Makes Your French Bulldog Hungry

Your dog is experiencing an increase in their appetite, which may indicate some kind of physical problem or illness.

Let’s find out some;

  • It Could Be Diabetes

Diabetes can make your pet Frenchie super hungry. For some people, not only are their appetites increased but the food they eat is usually sweeter and tastier. That makes them want to keep eating until they feel full or sick.

In most cases, diabetes does not have a direct affect on how animals will respond to sugar in their diet. 

Because it is an extremely rare occurrence for pets such as cats and dogs who do not produce insulin themselves. Meaning, that if you are diabetic then getting diagnosed means there’s also something wrong with your pancreas.

In the end, diabetes mellitus is an elaborate chain reaction to a sugar addiction. The person who sustains it will have intense thirst and urination followed by weight loss.

  • Is It A Tumor That Makes Your Frenchie Hungry?

French Bulldogs are often diagnosed with cancer in their intestines, which can be caused by adenocarcinoma and leiomyosarcoma.

Frenchies have a tendency to eat more than they should, but for good reason. Many types of cancer may cause malabsorption in your dog’s body which can lead him or her to crave food even when it is not necessary.

Many dogs with certain cancers start eating way too much because their bodies are unable to properly absorb nutrients from the foods. 

That they ingest and this hunger leads them on an endless quest for sustenance.

  • The disease Of Cushing

French bulldogs, the national dog of France and a favorite for families with children because they are small enough to be picked up. 

They also happen to suffer from Cushing’s disease which is caused by too much cortisol in their blood that increases appetite levels.

Cushing’s Disease has been recognized as an important health concern in French Bulldogs since it was first described more than 25 years ago.

  • Intestinal Malabsorption Is Making Your Dog Hungry

Frenchies are known to be a small breed that can eat anything. But they may not get enough nutrients if their intestines are not working properly.

The constant discharge of liquefied stools from the anus is a highly distressing and annoying condition for any dog, but can have serious health implications.

If your Frenchie displays this symptom you should get it treated immediately to avoid further problems. Such as infections or weight loss that may be caused by limited food intake. Due to dehydration which also occurs in dogs with chronic diarrhoea!

Follow The Rules When You Feed Your Frenchie

As someone with one of those glorious and noisy sniffers that everyone loves to pet, it is important for me as an animal lover to discover what are some common errors people might make when feeding these adorable creatures.

  1. No Overfeeding

We all want to give our dogs treats, they are so happy when we do. 

But if you break your dog’s feeding schedule by rewarding them with food too often then it can lead to some serious health problems down the road like obesity and diabetes. 

It might be tempting but I think that a good solution is just dividing up one of their normal meals into smaller portions for rewards instead.

  1. Give Him His Own Feed Bowl

Dogs are the truest companions. They will always be there to greet you with their tail wagging and a smile on their face, whether it is 3 am or noon. 

Allow your pup some dignity by providing him his very own feeding bowl that he can eat from whenever he feels hungry.

  1. Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

The French Bulldog is a breed that does not need to be on a strict diet. However, it has been reported by experts and veterinarians alike that Frenchie owners should take caution when feeding their pets treats. 

Because they may become too reliant on snacks for food as opposed to the healthy dog foods packed full of nutrients required by typical breeds.

  1. Take Care Of The Amount Of The Food

A French bulldog is the perfect pet for people of all ages who want a cuddly companion. They are active, so they need plenty of exercise and enrichment to keep them entertained throughout their day. 

This makes it important that we don’t feed our little friend any more calories than he needs because his body will turn those extra daily nutrients into fat.

  1. Avoid Giving Him Water After The Meal

Feeding your French bulldog is a delicate task. You want to provide them with the right amount of food so they do  not become obese and unhealthy. 

But you also want to make sure that their appetite doesn’t grow too large as this could lead to unwanted weight gain. 

This will depend on how active he is in his day-to-day life, what age group or breed he belongs to, among other factors such as health level and metabolism rates.

  1. No Meal In Evening

You will only make your furry friend ask you to go outside in the middle of the night when he eats late at night. I suggest that you avoid feeding him food after sunset time.

  1. Give Him More Raw Food

From a Frenchie owner to all other Frenchie owners: If you want your puppy or dog to live longer and be healthier, go with the raw food diet (BARF) over commercial brands.

The benefits of going to a BARF are endless. From avoiding harmful preservatives in commercial foods that make dogs sick, like cornmeal for example. 

Which can lead them to long-term health issues such as liver disease. This is just one reason why I recommend it so highly.

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, Frenchies are greedy and will eat as much food in one sitting that they possibly can. So be sure to watch their portions closely or else you may have a pup with an upset stomach or too many calories. 

These tips should help you get started on the right foot when it comes to feeding your little Frenchie. Have any of these been helpful? If so, let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What does a French bulldog eat?

French bulldogs enjoy eating many different kinds of food including protein sources such as chicken, fish, beef and bacon. This provides your dog with essential nutrients needed for growth while reducing carbohydrate intake from things like breads and grains.

Q2:How long do French Bulldogs sleep? 

Sleep is a time to recharge our batteries and few creatures do it better than the French Bulldog. These little guys can sleep for up to eighteen hours each day. It means they will be ready for anything that comes their way.

Q3:What is the general personality of a french bulldog? 

French bulldogs are known for their playful and curious nature, making them the perfect lap dog. They will often follow you around like a loyal friend.

Q4:How do you think your french bulldog’s appetite will change over time? 

Your french bulldog may not be able to taste every single flavor available like he would when he was younger. Because his sense of smell diminishes over time too but some dogs experience no change whatsoever. 

While others see a decline starting at around age 10-11 depending upon factors mentioned above.

Q5:What should you feed your french bulldog? 

A French Bulldog is an excellent breed with many good traits, but it can be difficult to find food that they will enjoy as much as cheese and bacon.

Q6:Should there be a specific feeding schedule for french bulldogs?

French bulldogs have a lot of energy and it is not uncommon for them to eat 4-6 times per day.

French Bulldogs require so much food that they typically consume between four to six feedings throughout the day. Yet there are still some dog owners who feel as though this may be too many meals for their pup.

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